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4StepsInVR Game Development Studios Produce a Unique Collection of Games Showcasing Capabilities of Virtual Reality Gameplay

It is pretty cool to see game developers come together to usher in the next wave of video game entertainment. With the consumer release of VR headsets, such as the HTC Vive, OSVR and Oculus Rift, it is apparent developers are eager to push the limits of their craft and imagination through this medium. Four game studios united by the developer community, Svilupparty, are of such mindset.

Digital Mantis, Reddoll, Go Manga and IV productions created 4StepsInVR, under the roof of Svilupparty Association. The Italian game development studios goal is to create a collection of fun highly-replayable first-person VR-native games for VR HMD owners to enjoy. The games follow a common structure, with each game hosting its own unique environment and theme.

Reddoll Games contributed Stealth Labyrinth to 4StepsInVR collection. This is a sci-fi stealth game that takes place in a self-detonating fortresses. Hidden within these fortresses is sensitive encrypted data containing information of various types of destructive weapons, such as mind control, toxic chemicals, lethal drugs and other WoMDs. Your objective is to retrieve the data undetected, before the fortresses defense system detects you and begins it countdown to self-destruction.

GoManga Interactive contributed Insane Decay of Mind to 4StepsInVR collection. The game transports you to a dreamscape of horror within the mind of Katherine. She is convinced she is lost within the hallways of her school. In reality, Katherine is lost within her mind confronting her worst nightmares. You’re objective is to guide her out this nightmare, while avoiding the terrifying creatures that lurk within the depths of her mind.

Frost Earth Studio contributed Mind Unleashed to 4StepsInVR collection. If you like combatting waves of ravenous robotic enemies with the most advanced and futuristic weaponized gadgets available, then this game should be added to your VR to-do list. The main objective is to survive all thirty waves of various enemies. The developers put certain elements within the gaming environment to encourage players to explore different areas of the battle map, possibly helping the player find a vault full of goodies. The game can also automatically detect whether you have your headset on or off, allowing you to play on your monitor.

Digital Mantis contributed Yon Paradox to 4StepsInVR collection. This is truly one innovative VR puzzle-based game that pits you against you. You must collect YonGears to fix the faulty time-machine creating unsuspecting space/time paradoxes. To collect these YonGears, puzzles must be solved, but as you’re putting your logic skills to the test, time is periodically rewinding. Each rewind, creates a new “you,” that is re-tracing your previous steps. If you’re sighted by your double, triple or quadruple, then it’s game over. Yon Paradox is definitely a must-try VR puzzle game.

With this collection, it is a great way to get a feel for various genres and gameplays that virtual reality has to offer. Even with much more to discover of VR capabilities and uses, the Italian game studios has created keen insight into VR gaming through these applications.

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