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A Face Only A Robot Could Love

Can robots simulate love for humans? With an increasing amount of digital hardware surrounding our daily lives, it is a very important question to ask. Just recently a Japanese team created a gynoid named Erica. This is the next evolution in android functionality. What this piece of machinery solves is the “Uncanny Valley.” Essentially it makes it easier for humans to communicate with robots without the uneasy feeling of talking to a human-imitation. You know those life-like robots you run into on occasion, with blank stares in their eyes and unreal expressions on their face. Well cause they are unreal. Erica has hopped a major hurdle when it comes to that, making you forget you are even talking to a robot. The expressions on “her” face is near identical a female face would make in conversation. Pretty Cool.

So this is all good and dandy. It’ll may even reduce harm to androids, directly interacting with humans. If only Hitchbot can get a little of that tech in its system. The question still remains, can robots simulate love for humans? I mean, the human itself is natural coding of nature. There is software that can make mathematical calculations of how the human will react in certain situations. I’m sure with the all the data collected on you by the service providers you use, they can map out the kind of person you are and what will most likely tickle your fancy. a.k.a. targeted ads. Why wouldn’t androids or devices simulate the perfect love for the human using it. Another thing is, we love to anthropomorphize nearly everything, so we can have a connection to it(though imitate.) We do this when we get angry at our computers. When our smartphone decides to send the wrong text message. With our pets. With inanimate objects. With business brands. With anything our eyes can look upon, or skin can feel. With our innate ability to do this, it will just prove easier for the average person to “love” robots, once they climb over the “Uncanny Valley.” As gynoid “Erica” has proven to do so.

For me personally, I would love to take a robot in place of a human, if it can be as real as a human. Why? Well, since I understand certain stimuli in the environment can affect my behavior or mood. The strongest stimuli coming from humans. I know the robot can effectively tailor itself to me. Which is why we have technology, to make living/performing tasks a bit more easier. Now I feel “dirty” just saying that.  Well, as the great minds of humanity push to innovate the very idea of life itself, I can only be grateful for the effort they put in. I am humbled that once again, a human can create such astonishing things.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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