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A Walking Future For Robots

It’s seems we are an inch closer to walking side by side with mechanical beings. Flying drones maybe coming sooner. This should be an interesting era to be a part of. The reason I mention humanoid and animanoid(yea.. just made that up) machines being commonplace in the future, is of current advancements.

The Cheetah, created by Boston-Dynamics, has been recorded walking on the public sidewalk. Amazing most of the viewers, to the point of pulling out their smartphones to record the magical creation. Wish I could have been there. This is the same mech that can run up to 30 miles/hr and the same mech that can jump over obstacles. Another cool advancement in this area, is Spot. It’s a robot that moves like a dog. You may someday find your next door neighbor walking a quadrupedal mechanical beast in the neighborhood. Think you should be afraid of drones in the future? I only kid. What is really cool about the Spot, is it can recover from a kick, like a actually dog. Yes, you kick it or push it, it’ll regain it’s balance before completely falling to the ground. You’d have to see it to believe it. Now that I think about it, having a mech-dog doesn’t sound to bad. No poop. Barely any training. Maybe I can ride it too. Well, we’ll just have to see how far this tech goes. Which I’m sure a decade from now, the mech-dogs will much more amazing. Speaking about amazements, Atlas( from Boston-Dynamics), has better bi-pedaling functionality. It is now able to walk through rocky terrain and woody areas. What is really a step up, is it can run, Maybe not too fast, but it can run. Pretty cool. I must admit a century from now, those generations are gonna has some cool toys to play with.

So before you know it, mechanical creatures will become commonplace. Of course in places that’ll allow such things to exist outside of the labs. Speaking of, kind of eager to see the equilibrium of flying drones and regulations. Maybe the laws centered around drones, will be a basis for use of robotic pets in public. Just speaking aloud though. Well, amazing these great minds continue to break barriers to what humans can accomplish.

P.S. – A new action-packed sport is on the horizon… Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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