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Adult Swim and Owlchemy Labs has teamed up to bring Rick and Morty to Virtual Reality

If you watch Adult Swim, then you’ve probably heard of Rick and Morty, which is a television show that follows the wacky adventures of, well… Rick and Morty. The show’s co-creator, Justin Roiland expressed intense enthusiasm about the emergence of virtual reality, through a tweet last year, stating “Been up all night working on design documents for several VR video games I plan to  market for #HTC Vive,” which you can view on UploadVR.

Since last year, Justin Roiland has been working covertly to bring Rick and Morty to Virtual Reality, with the backing of AdultSwim. They have also partnered up with Owlchemy Labs, known for Job Simulator, which was built exclusively for the HTC Vive. If you’ve played Job Simulator, you know the game mechanics revolves around picking up nearby objects and completing the task at hand, as well as humor.

With that said, it is official that “Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality,” will be coming to the HTC Vive. Since this is the first full-fledge virtual reality game based off a cartoon series, it should be a definite add-on to your VR to-do list. If not for that reason, then for being able to portal jump to different dimensions to explore the comical places Rick and Morty journey to.

The game was showcased at San Diego Comic Con on July 21st-24th, though there doesn’t seem to be a official release date for the game. To keep up on the latest news about Virtual Rick-ality, you can follow Owlchemy’s blog posts or follow them on twitter @OwlchemyLabs, as well as follow @JustinRoiland. For Ricky and Morty’s perspective on virtual reality, go watch Season 2 Episode 2.

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