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Alzheimer’s Australia Vic: The Dementia Friendly App

Dementia describes “different symptoms, including memory loss, word-finding difficulties, impaired judgment and problems with day-to-day activities, which are caused by injury or loss of brain cells (neurons).” Alzheimer and autism is a form of dementia. Family members and friends are greatly affected by seeing their loved-ones suffering from dementia. People experiencing this symptom, usually find themselves outside of reality and have a hard time coping with changing environments and holding interactions with other people. These sufferers have to rely on family members or caregivers to navigate through daily activities. Luckily there are companies and non-profits that provide informative information and solutions regarding patients suffering from dementia.

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic was founded in 1983, with Maree McCabe as Chief Executive Officer. “It was created in response to public concern about the lack of information, resources and appropriate residential care for people with dementia.” Before its current name, it was formerly known as Victorian Alzheimer’s Syndrome Association to Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Society of Victoria Inc., to Alzheimer’s Association Victoria and finally resting with the name Alzheimer’s Australia Vic. Even through it’s name changes, the company still remains dedicated to helping people affected by dementia.

Every year 20,000 people acquire services from Alzheimer’s Australia Vic resource workers, educators and counsellors. “Education, support, information, advocacy and awareness are the five main areas through which we help make the lives of people with dementia a little bit easier.” They provide a quarterly newsletter, caregiver support groups, advice via telephone and capital fundraising to establish resource centers for families and caregivers. With over 32 years in providing educational resources and solutions to people affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic a reliable and credible company for getting the answers you need regarding symptoms of mentally crippling diseases.

They have also delved into mixed reality applications with their app “The Dementia-Friendly Home,” which implements augmented reality to recommend practical changes. “This app aims to enable people living with dementia to maintain their independence and continue living at home,” CEO Maree McCabe states. “It  may also help build on their self-esteem, which can have a profound impact on the quality of life for a person living with dementia, as well as families and caregivers.”

The app utilizes augmented reality, by placing suggestions in a given area to optimize the environment for the affected person. This could be range from a simple digital note suggesting to put a physical label on a door; to “installing motion sensors that turn lights on and off when people walk through the house.” It is essentially an app that compiles all the data, research and knowledge gathered by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic’s team into a nifty app that utilizes augmented reality to display real-time information and solutions in the physical environment for optimizing living for dementia affected patients. The app can be purchased for $2.99 in the Apple Store or Google Play.

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