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Amusitronix: Developing Virtual Reality Simulations for Social Events

Amusitronix is a virtual reality rental company that has been in the gaming industry for over 20 years. Their simulations has been showcased in many events and featured on NBC. The pioneering minds behind this company consist of co-owners Micheal Goldstein, Robert Pressman and Joe Namath.

Since they have been creating virtual experiences before the rise of VR headsets, they have unique methods in creating immersive simulations. One way of doing this, is using a projector that displays a user-generated input onto a digital environment, without the use of a headset.

For instance, in recreating the golfing experience, a player hits a real golf ball that doesn’t travel any further than a few feet. But the speed and directional hit of the ball is translated as an input that extends into a virtual environment, where the balls virtual counterpart can be seen flying through a simulated golf field. They can do this with Hockey, Baseball, Football and any other sport you can imagine.

They are also able to utilize the power of VR headsets for simulations that include landing a lunar vehicle on the moon, racing on a F1 track or flying a plane through geographic locations. As well as experiences simulating hiking on the Rocky Mountains, Skydiving or riding on a roller coaster. Whoopi Goldberg even combated her fear of flying with Amusitronix Flight Simulator.

These simulations can be rented or permanently installed by Amusitronix team for any sort of venue or event. Which includes bat/bar mitzvah, mobile virtual reality marketing, corporate events and trade shows. You could have your very own VR karaoke simulation installed by them at your next party.

On top of having a plethora of VR simulations to choose from for any event, they also can create customized experiences. One such experiences are their pods, which performs on the same principle as the Virtuix Omni system. They also have another haptic hardware solution that resembles a mini boat, which is used in racing simulations.

Overall, Amusitronix has the expertise and tools to bring truly immersive virtual reality simulations to any event. You can learn more about their various simulations and events they’ve done in the past on their website. This company has to be recognized in their extensive history in VR developments for major events, for people to understand that VR does not have to be an isolated experience, but something that can enhance social events.

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