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Anshar Studios Develop A First of it’s kind PvP Intergalactic Virtual Reality Game

When the maturing of virtual reality first hit the mainstream knowledge, the sort of content showcasing this new-found interface was solo experiences. It showed that VR allowed you to visit your own personal theatre and watch a movie of your choice without actually going anywhere. It showed you can travel to different landmarks around the world without actually leaving the comfort of your own chair. You could even get knee-deep into gaming and come out with a refreshed definition of immersion. But what about the social aspect or the competitive player vs player that some of us desire. This brings me to Anshar Studios.

Anshar Studios is a game development company founded by the veterans of City Interactive games. The team is packed with dedicated minds who has hi-level experience in the fields of programming, design, production coordination and art. With this immense skill-base, they perform necessary services for companies, such as producing a fully developed game that is built for virtual/augmented reality. Depending on the company’s need, they implement Unreal Engine, Unigine and Unity technologies for platforms that include Playstation 4, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

With their expertise and game development experience, Anshar Studios decided to create their own Virtual Reality experience, titled “Detached.” You are the sole survivor of a corporation that was decimated by it’s rival, “over a discovery at a mining facility.” The studio was going for a less chaotic approach to the classic game of capture-the-flag, which forces you to strategize in order to survive and outmaneuver your opponent and not solely rely on your shooting ability.

As written by UploadVR, “This is where Detached’s best fun is to be had, turning into a zero-gravity game of cat and mouse,” therefore laying “a solid foundation for a unique multiplayer VR game in Detached.”

Detached is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2017, for Steam VR and Oculus. You do have the option to view the game on your monitor, if you need a break from VR. It’s not definite but they are considering making the game compatible for Playstation VR, once it is released.

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