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Apparel: Augmented Reality Fashion App

Apparel is a unique augmented reality fashion app. It “is an experimental prototype for AR fashion based on the NORMALS universe.” In collaboration with The National Center of Cinematography in France, Vega (software development company) and OpenFrameWorks, the project was brought to life.

The concept is derived of the landscape of Trudent from the fictional story, dubbed “Normals.” In this world, fashion fanatics called Frenz, gather around the Strip to see the latest top-twenty four augmented reality fashion. Fashion trends are constantly changing nearly by the hour, with models trying to make it into the top-twenty four. The story centers around Albdlcroco (former Number One) and his attempt to reclaim his status from Mangel (present Number One). Albdlcruco works tirelessly putting his genius to work to create the best augmented fashion design to put Mangel to shame. You can read the story to see the outcome of these two contestants.

With the Apparel app, geometric and emoji like figures is digitally overlaid on your specially designed clothing. Information is gathered through your twitter feed or other social networks, translating the “feel” of your social page to mixed reality fashion. As stated by Vice.com, “If you use many exclamation marks, or if generally authoritative, your shoulders pieces will inflate as the ‘Authoritopathy’ mod will accumulate the data,” or” if you tweet cute things, the ‘Kawaiiopathy’ mod will go up and your piece will start displaying all sorts of symbols and animal heads.” The colors that create these displays is monotonous, ranging from white to grey.

It was originally intended for Google Glass, though is changed direction to support iOS users. They are also in the works in creating the app for Android users. If interested, you can visit their website to find out what sort of fashion your social networks represents.

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