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Apparmo: Developing Augmented Reality Applications for Advertising

“Apparmo is an independent mobile marketing company focused on building innovative mobile apps for businesses who wish to engage more with their customers.” Their main focus and marketing technique revolves around augmented reality applications. It is common understanding that printed media, such as direct mail or business cards, are not as effective in marketing strategies as they use to be. Mainly because of the proliferation of smartphones and instant access to information.

They achieve this by “klipping” digital content to printed media, through their KlipAR application. As stated by their website, “Apparmo’s latest AR app KlipAR is up to 5 times faster to load and launch than other well known augmented reality apps.” The app can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple iTunes Store. After download is complete, you can browse through some of their past projects with companies they have worked with. This includes Yamaha, SAS e-Intelligence, Honda, Bike Stop, KTM-Sportmotorcycle, Liverpool Victoria, The Bunker and Middlesex County Cricket Club.

Apparmo also provides consulting or marketing advice to help with your mobile advertising needs. They also have a comprehensive list of techniques to bring your campaign to life. This includes Inaudible Sonic Technology (use of high frequency sound waves to synchronize mobile phone apps); Near Field Communication (two-way, 10cm range programmable system for devices to communicate); QR codes (2D matrix barcodes for instant product scanning); and mobile landing pages. You’ll also have the ability to “white label” your KlipAR app to provide a more professional look for your business.

As the world continues to be shaped by the technology that occupies us everyday, it is apparent that their will be a shift in how companies market their products to potential customers. It is believed that Augmented reality will have more appeal in later years than virtual reality. Though AR marketing applications already exist, being able to effectively utilize this new media to engage people with brands will play a big role, once people shift from smartphones to enhanced optic wearables. Apparmo has definitely demonstrated AR potential in engaging people with brands and products.

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