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AppMinded Interactive Develops Immersive Educational Games in Virtual Reality

When it comes to educational apps for virtual reality, AppMinded Interactive is providing the solution. “AppMinded is an App Development Company aiming to spread the scientific knowledge and enrich learning with new interactive experiences.” They do this by utilizing mixed reality solutions to create a more engaging learning experience for people. Their apps works with Android, iOS and Window phones with either a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headset.

Molecule VR is part of their educational app portfolio, that brings the users face-to-face with how biological cells communicate with each other. You are shrunken to the molecular size which allows you to view of the basic units of life. Through textual narrating, you are able to learn about the hormone receptor CRF1 and A2A receptors, which are important for cells to send signals to each other.

You are also able to learn how medicinal drugs affect cell functions and communications. Though Molecular VR app provides basic information of cell’s communications through a virtual reality experience, it is meant to spark interest in learning more about cell functions.

They have also designed a app named “KidsArt“, which provides young minds a fun way to learn about famous artworks produced by Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvatore Dali, Claude Monet, Paul Klee and Joan Miro.  Young minds are able to take a journey through the paintings, while learning about the significance of these works and their producers.

Kids can also experience a fun molecular puzzle exercise with AppMinded Chemistry Docking App. Through 30 different puzzle exercises, young minds can match bigger molecules(proteins) with smaller ones(medicine & ligand), to “maximize the number of possible interactions, like a key(drug) and a lock (protein).” Through the matching the right key with the right lock, kids can advanced to the next level.

Overall, AppMinded Interactive is creating educational apps that brings better engagement in the learning process. You can keep up-to-date on their latest accomplishments and endeavors through their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ networks. If you have a Google Cardboard, go ahead and try out one of their virtual reality apps.

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