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Artificial Intelligence That can Rate If You’re Attractive

There is currently an artificial intelligence that can rate if you’re attractive, named Muggie. It utilizes your camera to live stream the image to your app, giving real-time rating of the photo from 0%-100%. As you can guess, the app is implemented with artificial intelligence technology that uses machine learning to understand what is considered attractive or homely photo. The developers of Muggie taught the software by running a series of celebrity photos, until it could understand what picture is considered attractive. It can even distinguish between the same person with and without make-up. If you want to know whether your photo is attractive or not, you can use this app to rate yourself. It is currently available for Apple products and soon enough for Androids.

Final Thoughts

This nifty software, that can rate human attractiveness, is a testament to how the digital creations around us is becoming more human each and every year. Though the software itself is not human, we are creating machines that will mimic our behavior, and “understand” the human condition. Well soon enough I will need to cover my face with a mask, since having a A.I. app judging my beauty maybe a little awkward. Maybe I’ll wear shades now. That always boost the attractive ratings. In any case, it is a glimpse into what the future may hold.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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