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@AskGreenlight Insights Provides Analytical Information About the Direction of #Virtual and #Augmented Reality Marketplace


With mixed reality applications showing true potential for changing the way we interact with media itself, it can be daunting for companies to understand how to best utilized virtual and augmented reality for suiting their needs, whether it be brand promotion, service enhancement or just plain ol’ entertainment. Lucky for these companies, there is a research firm who can help with strategies in leveraging this enhanced media.

Greenlight Insights provides analytical data pertaining to the direction of the mixed reality(MR) marketplace. The research firm is powered by Clifton Dawson(Chief Executive Officer), Steve Marshall(Senior Vice President), Erica Bishaf(Director of Consumer Insights), Eddie Lou(Managing Director), Peter Krasilovsky(Chief Analyst) and Ben Delaney(Distinguished Analyst). Through their efforts, they create daily/weekly newsletters, thoughtful insights about attended MR conferences and customized research services.

Through their customized research, they “deliver tailored research that addresses specific business needs for a wide range of operators, vendors and industry bodies within the virtual reality industry.” Companies will gain information about market size, distribution channels, public insight(consumer surveys & focus groups), as well as strategic analysis for entering the marketplace and informative events.

They also participate in VR/AR and host webinars which explains and explores the growing immersive marketplace. You do have the opportunity to join these webinars by registering through their website. For companies that don’t necessarily want to employ a team to seek out business specific opportunities, can purchase Greenlight Insights reports, with their latest one extracting data from 1200 people, which covers attitude towards VR, attitude towards advertising, payment models and purchase intent.

Greenlight Insights has definitely made it their obligation to understand the mixed reality field, and their reports can prove to be a game-changer for most businesses seeking in-depth analysis about the direction of VR/AR and how they can benefit from it. You can stay up-to-date on their blog or via Twitter @AskGreenlight.

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