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Atheer AiR: A Pioneer In Augmented Reality

In modern times, how we interact with the world has been shaped by computer devices. The most evident of this are smartphones. Who would of thought we abandon speed-typing on flip-phones, to being able to perform advanced computer tasks by swiping on the screen itself. I remember having a blackberry barely a decade ago and was enamored by the bright rolling ball to play Brick Breaker. While tech companies are competing with each other to be leaders in cutting-edge technology, one team of entrepreneurs maybe influencing the future as we know it.

Augmented reality is defined as having a live view of the physical world whose environmental elements are augmented by computer generated sensory. In other terms, it is the meshing of physical reality with virtual reality. Though augmented reality can be used for personal applications, it also has the potential to create more efficient workspaces in various industries such as energy, healthcare, warehousing, and insurance. This is exactly what Atheer Labs aims at doing.

Atheer Labs is a team of “seasoned entrepreneurs and visionary inventors dedicated to pushing the boundaries of computing to unlock the power of human productivity.” Based in Mountain View, California; Atheer Labs has been building a impressive eye-ware that incorporates natural gesture movements with a digital interface to virtually augment our environment. Since their successful IndieGoGo campaign, raising over two-hundred thousand to fund Atheer One, they have been refining their computerized glasses to meet the expectations of augmented reality.

They have improved on their design transforming it to Atheer AiR( Augmented interactive Reality). It is designed to “fulfill the needs of the 21st century workforce.” More accurately, to improve productivity of deskless professionals. Surgeons working in sterile environments will be able to view a patient’s records without obstructing their physical space. Field engineers will be able to live stream their point-of-view while keeping their focus on the task. It can also provide a more streamlined workflow for warehouse worker through built in cameras for part identification and hands-free barcode scanning. Atheer AiR target industries includes over one-hundred and ten million workers professionals that could benefit from this tech.

If you’ve looked at the specs, you wouldn’t doubt Atheer AiR will be able to improve worker’s efficiency. Contained in this comfortable eye-ware is a 3D depth camera for gesture interaction, 9-axis IMU: gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer; dual RGB cameras, directional microphone, and see-through stereo 3D displays with a 50 degree angle field-of-view. To complete this compact computer-ware is the EPU; containing a swappable battery, HDMI connection, usb/debug ports, Nvidia Tegra K1 mobile processor, broad mobile connectivity( WiFi 802.11, Bluetooth4.1, 4G/LTE & GPS module), and Android-based AiR OS( with over one million apps ready for use). This set enables smooth interaction with the environment and more efficient means of working.

Atheer AiR’s Android-based operating system, AiR OS will allow developers to create applications that can fully utilize the AiR Glasses natural interaction and rich sensor data. If you are not a developer, but still want to make great use of the computerized eye-ware, then subscribe to the AiR Enterprise Suite. This packs in a cloud-based management and collaboration console, Air Hub; task flow authoring suite, AiR Designer; and smart glasses application for task flow interaction, AiR Flow. If I had to guess, Atheer Labs is pushing for widespread use of augmented reality.

The CEO of Atheer Labs, Alberto Torres, explains in a recent press release, “Every new computing paradigm enables a new wave of use cases and applications. The next paradigm is smart glasses based AiR computing – digital information that doesn’t distract you from reality, but rather augments it.” By targeting the needs of deskless professionals, Atheer Air believes it can reach the masses. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of these Atheer computerized eye-ware. Then I can watch “Transcedence” on my bedroom ceiling. Even though Atheer is still improving their wearable computer, with AiR glasses scheduled for release Q1, it shows great promise to improve work efficiency in industries: healthcare, energy, warehousing, and a glimpse into what the future may hold for humanity.



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