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Aurasma: Streamlining Augmented Reality Application Development

Aurasma is one company that has streamlined application creation for augmented reality. They claim that AR apps can be created in under a minute utilizing their service. The company’s technology was first developed by a software company by the name of Autonomy. Hewlett-Packard then went ahead and became a main partner for Aurasma.

Since then, Aurasma has had over 100,000 end-users taking advantage of their streamlined AR development process and over 1 million downloads worldwide. Some of their clients include, AMC Theatres, Office Depot, Best Western, Maybelline, Universal Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Telefonica and Forever 21.

The process is extremely simple and intuitive for creating AR apps. First you choose a image target for the app to recognize. This image target is then overlaid with a “Aura,” which is a digital video, animation, links or any content of your choice. After you choose your desired content, you then name your AR project and for people to find your product through the app, where you can attach a hashtag to your app. Now your project is ready to be utilize by your audience.

Augmented Reality apps developed with Aurasma is great for marketing, educating and entertainment. One example of Aurasma’s use-case can be seen with “Komplex 28”, created by writer/director, Mariano Equizzi. “Mariano Equizzi stated: ‘The Aurasma platform revealed augmented reality to me and I immediately grasped its potential for a storytelling platform which discloses a narrative that is itself hidden within the surface of a city.'”

Komplex 28 is a fictional story that takes place in Turin, Italy. Utilizing AR and musical scores, the story transforms the environment around you to uncover a conspiracy that around a upcoming election. Mariano used Aurasma to stitch the different scenes together, that allowed users “to experience a personalized mysterious reality which was shrouded around their daily lives.” You can visit their website to learn more about “Komplex 28.”

With Aurasma and Wikitude streamlining the development of augmented reality applications, businesses will be able to engage their customers much more effectively and individuals can create fun apps to entertain their friends. As see-through IoT wearables become mainstream, it will be important for AR app development to be much more intuitive and simple. Go ahead and learn more about the accomplishments, clients and next steps of the Aurasma team on their website.

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