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BigScreenVR: Porting the Desktop Operating System Over to Virtual Reality Room Size

Wouldn’t it be nice to view our web pages and games on a bigger screen? Wouldn’t it be better to view it in virtual reality? BigScreenVR is the experience to turn to, if your looking to bring your Windows OS to VR. In a comfortable aesthetically pleasing room, you’ll be able to navigate web pages and perform desktop tasks with BigScreenVR.

It is known that VR gives you an expansive space to play in. People who are going and have invested in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is going to want a way to merge their OS with their immersive headsets. This is what BigScreenVR is providing. Put on your headset and have a 20-foot screen as your desktop monitor. That is practically as big as most peoples living room wall, without having to actually sacrifice that space for viewing pleasure.

This is cool, but what is even cooler is the fact that you can have a social experience through this. Meaning, up to four people can be in the same VR room viewing content on their desktop. In other words, you can have your friend sit next to you with their own VR screen, as you both scour the web and perform desktop tasks with each other. This will allow you to Netflix and chill as you and your friends watch the latest episode of House of Cards.

To make this experience even more immersive and engaging, they’ve implemented 3D positional audio chat. Therefore you know where your friends avatar is communicating from within the room, as well as see what they are looking at through synchronized head-tracking technology.

If you’re using the Oculus Rift, you can connect with someone who is using HTC Vive. This is a very important feature, since not all of your friends are going to be using the same headset. BigScreen is also looking forward to making mobile VR devices, such as the Samsung Gear VR inclusive to this experience as well.

BigScreenVR is still in the Beta stage, which you can sign up to, through their website. With the promise of a collaborative social experience on a larger-than-normal VR screen, it something any VR HMD owner should check out.

They understand that people aren’t just going to want to play immersive games or have a solo experience, but simply want to browse the web with their friends in VR or Netflix-and-chill. As VRFocus states, “it’ll be an avenue of VR that more users of VR will likely explore as the software develops.”

With companies like BigScreenVR contributing adding to the immersive experience, the kinds of applications people will discover and employ in VR will be unlike anything we’ve seen before. Heck, most of spend our time in front of a computer screen anyways, why not bring that screen to VR, quadruple the size.

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