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Binge.Watch Hosts the First Ever Creative Festival for Virtual Reality in Europe


Since virtual reality interfaces, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive hit the marketplace, there has been an up-spring of conferences and events for developers and enthusiasts to share their the ideas about the current & future state of virtual reality, as well as plenty of demos displaying the these next-level interface’s potential. Some of these conferences include Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference, IEEE VR and Virtual Reality Developers Conference.

This brings me to Binge.Watch 2016, who is hosting the first ever creative VR festival in Europe, which will be part of the Reeperbahn Festival on September 22nd & 23rd. They are bring together all sorts of professionals and VR enthusiasts, from artists & developers to engineers & marketeers, who will discuss about what’s to come in the VR marketplace and new developments underway.

If you produce VR content yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your work, to win one of the six awards, which includes ‘Best Gaming Experience,’ ‘Best Documentary Experience,’ ‘Best Immersive Experience,’ ‘Best Video Experience,’ and ‘Best Music Experience.’ Once your work is submitted, it will be compared with other submissions by a select panel of professionals in the field, who will then award the winners during the event.

On top of that, there will be various workshops and talks to attend. You can learn about if virtual reality will create more of a social disconnection or  bring more empathy to the world at the ‘Modern Love’ workshop. Discussions at ‘Golden Years?’ will look more into funding of VR projects. More importantly though, you will learn about the current state and predicted state of VR at the ‘Fascination’ workshop.

Of course, in order to attend Europe’s first major virtual reality festival, you will need to purchase your tickets, which you can do so at EventBrite. This is only their first, so if you cannot make it to this one, there will definitely be another Binge.Watch event to look forward to in the future. To stay connected and up-to-date, you can follow them on Twitter @bingewatchVR.

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