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Bionic Brains plus Mechanical Limbs

It is fun to think about having telepathic abilities. As humans, it’s been a prevalent thought to control another humans mind. Or move distant objects closer to us… like the remote to the t.v. Some of us may have had dreams of having a mechanical arm for enhanced strength. Sometimes I wish I could just transfer a thought to a distant friend and not struggle navigating the phone. Cause you know.. I dont want to get athritis at such an young age. I kid. The truth is though, there are great minds in existence today, pushing the boundaries in what our brains can do. Giving birth to bionic brains. You may of heard of Puzzlebox Orbit( a helicopter that can be controlled via “mind”.) Now more research promising you can do more in the future.


Maybe not exactly related to telepathic abilities, an Israeli biotechnology firm EIMindA has created a helmet that will be able to “detect the early stages of degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.” This tech will allow doctors to better visualize the impact these diseases are having on the patients brain. FDA has approved this tech as the first tool to visually asses brian illness. A very impressive feat, which will better aid hospitals in treating patients with life-altering brain diseases and trauma. Read more about how this start-up and another is contributing to the overall world-health: EIMindA n Consumer Physics.

Mind Power

For those who already has degenerative brain diseases, hope is in the horizon, when it comes to functioning better in society or alone. A team of Stanford researchers are testing a new method to control cursor on screen without muscle movement. Yes, for those whose movements are confined to the head, will soon be able to retire your eye muscles. Instead of using your eyes to control cursor movements on the screen, you’ll be able to control it with your “mind”. The team has been approved for human trails.

Bionical Humans

Another related finding, a team of researchers located in Germany and Korea has created an mechanical exoskeleton that can be controlled by your brain. The research is primarily focused on individuals who’ve lost control of their limbs. The exoskeleton is controlled by looking at a LED to stimulate a response in the brain, that then sends the signal to the mechanical machine for a particular movement. If you have epilepsy(sensitive to light) then it may not be the machine for you…. just yet. Overall, pretty impressive. Maybe people with parylized or ampitated limbs will essential become cyborgs in the future. Well, some people will become cyborgs without a medical reason. You can check more about this creation: Bionical Humans.

Brain Hacking

The telepathic brain research doesn’t stop there. Scientists at Newcastle University’s Institute of Neuroscience are experimenting ways to control robots and humans with thought alone. They accomplish this by sending electrical signals to different parts of the brain, called transcranial magnetic stimulation. By targeting the right spots, a limb will move “involuntarily.” What is also profound about this research, is the possibility to send thoughts to another human, using brain to brain communication. This part of the research is still in its infancy, so no worries anytime soon about someone hacking into your mind. Though the scientists predict, within this century, it may just come true. Here’s a cool article explaining their endeavor: Brain Hacking.

Wireless Emotions

Well, its cool scientist are working on ways to control cursors, mechanical arms, and thought transference. But now a another science-fiction is coming into existence. A collaborative team of researchers located at “Washingtone University School of Medicine, University of Illinois, and University of Colorado” has invented a way to control your emotions. They are trying to retire drugs when it comes to altering your emotions by hacking your brain. Think about it. If you want to feel happy, you can. If you want to feel angry, you can. If you want to feel sad you can, with basically a flick of the button. So, instead of your emotions being controlled by the environment around you, your emotions will purely be controlled by you. Just hope when this tech does mature, no malevolent human will get their hands on this tech. But it’s just wishful thinking. Check out an article about it here: Wireless Emotions.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to unleashing the power of the brain, this is proof humans are still breaking intellectual boundaries. And honestly, having a bionic brain does sound pretty cool. You can hack machines with your mind, test your mechanical limb in arm wrestling, and always be happy… always. No worries, though. This tech is still maturing, so you may be dead by the time big brother can control people’s minds. This planet may turn into the “Surrogate” movie, with everyoone plugged into a machine controlling their robotic avatars. Well, I trail off.

As always, From Around Your Screen.

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