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Boing Splash Media: Augmented Reality Developer

Boing Splash Media(BSM) is a Augmented Reality solution agency for businesses, as well as an independent developer. Within the company, the founder Nick Dunn and his team have been contributing to the AR marketplace for over 4 years. Which is why institutions, companies, and brands come to them for “experiential campaigns (that) can assist companies in customer engagement or even pitch enhancement.”

They have contributed to the Brighton Music Walk of Fame to respect the music legends of Brighton, UK. The Hemp Trading Company( a clothing company) have worked with them to produce a augmented reality t-shirt for the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Tantric Star AR had BSM help develop a conceptual meditation app. BSM has also helped Firework Insurance bring their promotional poster to life.

Besides helping companies in their promotional ideas, they have built “Jurassic 4D” for people to learn more about dinosaurs. Their are two ways you can experience dinosaurs coming to life. You can have a poster hanging up and watch as your wall caves in and a dinosaurs head pops out. The other is having a top-side view of the dinosaurs roaming around in their natural habitat, right on top of your table top. They have various books, detailing about the triceratops, diplodocus, and various other dinosaurs. It is a pretty nifty app, if you want to re-live the Jurassic Era. They are also contributing to the up-and-coming graphic novel, dubbed “Astra Pulp.”

Go ahead and visit their website to try out Jurassic4D and their ShowReel at http://www.boingsplash.com.

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