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Branded AR Campaigns enhanced with AirCards

Augmented reality(AR) is being used increasingly everyday. Social media platforms have implemented AR to enhance social engagement. One form of this is applying filters to alter facial features. The process of applying features is augmented reality, because it digitally alters what is seen in the real environment. Or in this case, the live-stream of the face and background. Not only does AR improves social engagement, but also improves brand engagement. Branded AR is great for engaging marketing campaigns, enhancing websites or bring product packaging to life, capturing and retaining people with immersive experiences. Rather than relying on traditional methods of printed media and 2d format videos.

AirCards WebAR Agency

WebAR agency in branded AR production

AirCards has been assisting brands in using AR for enhancing brand engagement. Brands including Samsung, Hewlett Packard and Motley Fool have used AirCards for events and marketing. Instead of hosting one of their IFA Electronics event in Berlin, Samsung decided to use AirCards, bringing the event to the attendee. Motley fool benefitted from promotional AR direct mail, bringing printed cards to life. Nationwide has seen increased brand loyalty with AR greeting cards for partners and clients. This shows augmented reality wide-spread implementation of AR for advancing brand engagement and subsequently return-on-investments.

The AR production company uses WebAR technology, enabling people to access AR experiences through the web browser, rather than having to download an application. People with smartphones or tablets can use their devices camera to scan QR codes on printed media that’ll transport them to an AR experience via mobile browser. The AR source is also linked to an online web URL. When transported to the AR link, the phones camera is then used to digitally animate product packages, postcards, posters and various other types of media. Meaning brands can get people straight to the experience without the barrier of downloading an application.

WebAR Dynamic Hotspots Functionality AirCards

Branded AR solutions with AirCards

AirCards provides AR solutions for print marketing, product packaging, e-commerce and events. As well as consultation services for developing AR campaign. For out-of-home marketing campaigns, AR experiences through billboards, subway posters, bus stops and other public places with posted media. Direct mail marketing can be enhanced with AR for a more interactive form of marketing, fortifying call to action. Product packaging can be animated with 3D graphics and videos, amplifying ability to gain and retain customers. For brands selling products online, people can be more tactile when viewing products. Brand events can be brought straight to the people, rather than enduring the extra cost of hosting events in physical places and providing a more interactive experience for attendees and brand loyalists.

AR experiences can also be initialized through image and location tracking. Campaign analytics is accessible, providing more insight in how people are engaging with the AR experience. This data can be used to improve marketing tactics, increasing call to action or delivery of content. AR content is switchable out in rea-ltime. This is great for testing engagement between different AR marketing tactics, such as 3D pop-outs, embedded printed media videos and AR games. AirCards gives maximum control when launching AR marketing campaigns. A valid solution for increasing brand awareness and engagement.

AirCards WebAR Product Packaging Activation

The implications of AirCards

As branded AR becomes more prevalent, more and more people will be encouraged to adopt the technology. The general audience will gain more exposure to augmented reality. We already use high-powered devices to do the mundane thins in life. Why not unlike our smart-devices true capabilities by augmenting mundane activities, like reading what some advertiser is trying to sell. This is the service that AirCards provides, elevating the brand experience.

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