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Branded Media Creators @OffAbbot has Joined the #VR Bandwagon

If you are not excited about the very idea of virtual reality becoming something tangible, then more and likely, you haven’t experienced the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Gear VR. To repeat, what many other developers and VR enthusiasts alike are saying, VR is literally a portal into stories that we are used to seeing on a two-D screen. This is exactly why Off Abbot has joined the VR bandwagon.

Off Abbot is a content-creation studio, providing brands with story-centric media. Behind the scenes, the studio is powered by experienced artists and directors, including Ryan Pesecky, Andrew & Ryan (founders of Mommy Comedy), Matt Celia, Julian Whatley, Brendan Beachman, Jason Wong, Ryan Turner and Andrea Ball. With that, this combined team has produced meda for AirWick, Hewlett-Packard and Dreamlong Eyeshade, among others.

Now they are delving into immersive media, with the understanding that VR interfaces will be the next level of entertainment and media consumption. One such immersive story they have produced is Reggies’s Garage. Contracted by SAP Anywhere, this follows the story of Reggie “Mr. October” Jackson, with him detailing his venture in collecting classic cars and creating a haven for other car collectors connect and trade parts.

If you are looking for an story with a little bit more excitement, they’ve partnered up with Paramount Studios to created a 360-degree video for a popular horror movie, Paranormal Activity. Directed by Matt Celia, takes place in a garage, revolving around a group of friends who are trying to contact the dead. Of course things don’t go as planned, with vengeful spirits of the house makes their presence.

Both of these 360 videos can be viewed with a mobile VR headset. Off Abbot also has a dedicated blog, where they talk about the inspiration for Reggies Garage and recent devlopments. You can connect with them via Twitter @OffAbbot.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on Off Abbot with a comment below:)

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