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BulkyPix Revamps Their Two-D Game, ‘Please, Don’t Touch Anything!’ for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR

The virtual reality marketplace is exploding with new content for people to explore, entertain and educate themselves. What is really fascinating is seeing content that was made for two-D displays is now being revamped for VR. It is mind-opening to know that more than 5,000 years ago we informed and entertained ourselves through sequences of simple pictures and symbols.

As time went by and tech became more advanced, we were able to capture still photographs and write more sophisticated sequence of symbols for elaborating and efficiently expressing ideas. Through each new interfaces for entertainment and education, old media or content created for the older interfaces was revamped and refreshed for people to experience it on the new media. This is evident from two-D games recreated into three-D games and black-and-white movies revamped with color and higher resolution.

This brings me to one game studio who has also revamped a very popular game built for two-D displays for virtual reality. BulkyPix began in 2008 with the sole ambition of creating interactive games and software applications for digital platforms, such as mobile, web and PC. They have had the pleasure of teaming up with Capital games, Siparex, BPI France, Ardian and many others to make this a reality. Through the years they’ve built up a impressive portfolio of over two-hundred games that has been downloaded more than one-hundred million times.

Now they have a keen interest and the skillset for the development of virtual reality applications. Have you heard of “Please, Don’t Touch Anything!”, originally built for two-D interfaces. The goal of the game is to touch everything and anything in sight.
You are left in a room, in front of a control panel that has a monitor display of a city above it, as your colleague leaves for a break. Your colleague warns you not to touch anything, but you do. As you began messing around with buttons, you are confronted with brain-racking puzzles to solve, with no obvious objective to the game. Though judging from the display above, you touching things may just initiate a nuclear attack on the city displayed.

Now “Please, Dont Touch Anything!” has been re-imagined for virtual reality. With more dimensions of space to play with, a more riddle-induced, mind-boggling, abstractive office is just begging you to fiddle with everything. Even though the objective of the game is not so obvious, it seems that once a puzzle is complete, you must restart the office and solve a different puzzle. At one point you’ll find yourself confronted with a dancing fetus mounted on the control panel.

As complemented by RoadToVR, “Regardless whether you played it before or not in 2D, PDTA works remarkably well in VR, and features uncountable numbers of clickable puzzle elements that litter the whole bunker- above, below, left, and behind- keeping things fresh and clearly in the spirit of immersive 3D environments.” The VR version of the game is currently available for the Oculus Rift for $14.99 and Gear VR for $8.99.

Even though the two-D version of the game may only be about a year old, it would be interesting to see older games or other games that was built for two-D be revamped for virtual reality. You know, like Hidden Path Entertainment’s “Defense Grid: Enhanced VR Edition.” In any  case, as more developers and digital artists get involved in the VR marketplace, we will inevitably see more popular games built for two-D interfaces will be enhanced and re-imagined for virtual reality.

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