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Capitola Social Advancing AR In Social Engagement

People have dived into a new form of expression with the advent of augmented reality(AR). AR has unlocked a profound way of social interaction. Social platforms like Instagram, TikTok and SnapChat already implement AR features. Whenever users are applying filters, they are using a AR interface. AR enables people to position digital representations of products in their immediate environment. This is great for virtually trying on shoes or viewing what a piece of furniture would look in your home. There are many capabilities of social AR and many studios are unlocking these, including Capitola Social.

Volvo S60 Facebook AR ad

AR Filters designed for all social media platforms

Capitola Social(CS) has been helping brands and individuals unlock AR in social media. They are “a creative social agency focusing on creating highly immersive and engaging Social Augmented Reality effects and filters.” Their uniquely tailor-made AR filters for brands or socialites is shareable on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Product packages can also be augmented for enhancing brand engagement. This gives brands the ability to tell captivating and immersive stories when people engage with their product or services. AR games is also a possibility, increasing brand engagement. Many companies have already benefited Capitola Social’s expertise.

Proof of Concept – Louis Vuitton Virtual Store

Who has benefitted from Capitola Social creativity

Louis Vuitton saw the potential of social AR, creating an AR experience that allows people to try on premium shoes and clothing. It’s proven that consumers are more likely to buy products when they’re able to try them out beforehand. The try-on application of social AR definitely provides this leverage. When people try on the virtual Louis Vuitton shoes, they’re able to walk around in them, enhancing brand engagement. This premium feature can be found on Instagram.

McDonalds is known for innovative marketing strategies and developing brand identity, hence finding the opportunity to work with Capitola Social. During a TBWA campaign launching new McNuggget’s flavors, CS was responsible for creating a captivating Snapchat Lens and Instagram filter. McDonald fanatics were able to become the box of the chicken nuggets. CS also produced a SnapChat Lens transporting people into the gaming world’s found the McDonalds app. An excellent way for increasing brand engagement.

Lays Snack Crunch AR Game

For people who are a fan of Fruit Ninja, would find The Fruit Slicer filter for Instagram entertaining. This Instagram filters givers users laser-powered eyes capable of slicing through fruit. Bouncing fruit tests people focus and head-bobbing skills. Lays also provides a similar AR experience. Instead of fruit, people slice through bags of chips. As packages of chips floats across the screen, players eye zap them, painting their screen with chips. Talk about never letting your eye off the screen.

Capitola Social is propelling social AR

Not only is social AR great for brand engagement but also for individual expression. Social media centers around people expressing themselves and Capitola Social provides the AR solution. For the Etnia Barcelona’s 2020 Warrior campaign, they created a Instagram filter transforming people into a environmental warrior. There’s also futuristic eye-ware to try-on with The Vapor Wave Instagram filter. If only there was cyberpunk style ray-bans.

Capitola Social has enhanced many brands and socialites identity on social media. Hence why they are the perfect team to trust when producing compelling social AR experiences. They are an social AR production studio coming from Around Your Screen! Thank you for reading!

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