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Carbon Studios Enters the Virtual Reality Marketplace with Flagship Game “Alice VR”

Carbon Studio is a collective team of dedicated individuals who’s expertise lies in developing virtual applications using Unreal Engine 4. They work with companies abroad to create apartment demos, architectural designs and games. Some of which includes their Apartament solution for designing interior living spaces and the Swierklaniec Palace. They’ve also had the pleasure to work with RARA AVIS, 4EXPERIENCE, Softello and The Farm 51.

With the advent of immersive interfaces such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, Carbon Studio has shifted their attention in making awe-inspiring worlds and stories for virtual reality. The first execution of this venture was the release of A.L.I.C.E. for the Gear VR, which entered the VR JAM competition, hosted by Oculus and Unity. Since the initial project received lots of praise and positive review during the final stages of the competition, Carbon Studio decided to develop a full-blown version of A.L.I.C.E, which is now known as ALICE VR.

ALICE VR takes place in a deserted region of a alien-planet. You enter the avatar of a space explorer who’s ship malfunctioned and who’s been forced to land on this foreign planet to retrieve graphene to repair his ship. But there are no beings present on this planet, as if they’ve vanished. With a broken space craft and no access to graphene, you are forced to explore the planet and solve series of puzzles to find out what happened.

The puzzle aspect of ALICE VR is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, such as shrinking and un-shrinking. Through the first-person gameplay, you are able to take different paths to unlock the mystery, which ultimately leads to different endings to your adventure. The game takes 3 hours to complete, but in order to unveil the complete story, you’ll have to play it a couple times.

It was originally planned to be released when Oculus Rift and HTC Vive became available in April, but has been delayed to early fall of 2016. The project manager of ALICE VR, Paweł Gajda, stated to UploadVR, “We got an opportunity to further develop and polish ALICE VR. Soon, we’ll be able to reveal some more details about what caused this decision and how ALICE VR will benefit from these few extra months of development.”

Because of the delayed release, it makes it a very anticipated game to look out for. If not for the gameplay, the visuals and details showcased in their trailer will give players a reason to add the game to their VR to-do list. You can learn more about ALICE VR and Carbon Studios by visiting their website. If you’re a business, you can get in touch with Carbon Studios to see what they can do for you.

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