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@Casino_VR Brings the Poker Experience to the Comfort of Your Home Via #VR

It is not necessarily a new thing to see online gaming merge with virtual reality. Afterall, what can give VR that extra level of immersion is being social or the ability to play with other people. Such games that have implemented this, include Detached, Arizona Sunshine, Damaged Core, Mindshow and New Retro Arcade: Neon. But for those of you looking for a great virtual casino experience to immerse yourself in, then Casino VR is a must.

Co-founded by Hamza Siddiqui and Marco Kobelt, Casino VR premise is to provide a real-life casino simulation, which allows players to play poker in the comfort of their own home, while competing as if they were face-to-face with the other players. This will very well rid of the hassle of putting on a poker face, which will force other players to look for other tell-tale signs. The team from Casino VR explains, “VR is finally able to portray true presence and immersion. With such a technology, Casino VR envisions to combine online gaming and casino gaming into one.”

They are always running tournaments everyday of the week, giving people the opportunity to win stacks of poker chips and free VR games. To ensure a high-quality gaming experience, updates are continually made, with one being “Lockdown,” which limits the inflation of poker chips by preventing players from joining active poker tournaments after a certain amount of time has pass by. Currently, Casino VR is only accessible for Oculus Rift(Windows) and GearVR owners.

Casino VR definitely plans to add new games, but for the time being, they’re having fun hosting the future of online poker. If you want to test your poker skills in virtual reality, you can visit Oculus Home to download their app. You can also connect with them via Twitter @casino_vr.

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