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@CerevrumInc Pioneering Educational Experiences for Virtual Reality

It seems that most of the content created for virtual reality, revolves around gaming or motion-picture experiences, but with virtual reality being such a powerful medium, fooling the human brain into believing it is in a completely different environment, wouldn’t it make sense to utilize VR for education, as did Immersive VR Education with ‘Apollo 11 VR Experience’ and Nival VR with ‘InMind.’ Now there is another development studio taking on this pursuit.

Cerevrum Inc. has taken on the task of revolutionizing the way we learn through virtual reality. In order to understand why this studio is qualified to take on this task, we must learn about its origins. In 2007 four friends consisting of an two game developers, talented artist and driven entrepreneur founded Indee Interactive.

With hard work and due diligence, Indee interactive became a leading digital production studio, servicing hi-profile brands, such as Sony, Unilever, Neslte, Samsung, etc. When Oculus came into the scene in 2014, the founders knew they had to become involved in VR, launching VR-AR Lab that year. Unsurprisingly VR-AR Lab became a leading VR development studio with brands like Mercedes, iVision, BioCad and BMW utilizing their service.

With much success over the past decade and understanding how powerful and immersive modern VR interfaces are, they knew the next step was bringing educational experiences to VR. Hence forth the founding of Cerevrum Inc. With a powerhouse of fifty dedicated VR fanatics, the studio is setting another benchmark.

The first immersive educational experience Cerevrum developed was ‘Cerevrum Game(CG).‘ This experience is comprised of multiple mini-games, built to test and improve your cognition, such as memory retention and conceptual/abstraction thinking. The games themselves are pretty colorful and fun.

‘Laser Drones’ is one embedded minigame that exercises your memory. The objective: remember the colors of chaotically flying drones, before they turn grey. Game layout is pretty simple, a gun in front of you shoots out different colored spheres. The spheres then turn grey and fly around for a period. Afterwards, you must choose the right color sphere that matches the color of the gun or risk loosing hitpoints. Cerevrum Game is currently available on Oculus Home and Gear store, though will be made available for Google Daydream and Cardboard.

Cerevrum Inc didn’t just stop at the development of CG, but pursued a more classroom approach with ‘Speech Center VR.’ This app, at its current stage, focuses on teaching people how to communicate with each other on a personal and business level. Of course, education itself comes down to efficient communication for transferring ideas.

When you get started, you’ll create your own avatar, being able to choose hair style, skin/eye color and clothes among other things. Once created, you’ll have access to twenty vibrant and hi-detailed VR environments, where you can practice your speech, work on group projects or simply relax and meditate.

To push their VR educational platform even further, they’ve brought pro-public speaking coach, Sean Thomas, along to provide lessons in real-time in virtual reality, called ‘The Art of Public Speaking.’ The course will be three weeks long, beginning this month, with 3 lessons per week. When proven successful at the end of September, you can be take your online education to another level with VR.

Cerevrum Inc. is still at the beginning or immersive education, but with their proven track record of successful games and media, Speech Center VR should soon encompass more areas of study. For an even more detailed review of Speech Center VR, check out Lily Prasuethsut Wareble’s post. You can also follow Cerevrum on Twitter @CEREVRUMInc.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on their educational VR platform with a comment below:)

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