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Chris Wren WrenAR Studio has been Developing Nifty Applications for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Chris Wren is a dedicated game developer, who has been honing his skills for over 20 years. He has had the pleasure of working with Hasbro Interactive, Maxis/Electronics Arts, Namco Bandai Games America and Starlift Games. With the advent of Leap Motion and VR/AR interfaces, he knew he had to utilize his skills to create next-level content, hence why he founded WrenAR LLC.

Being the CEO of WrenAR, he could focus his energy into developing Natural User Interfaces(NUI), utilize augmented reality development kits (Vuforia/Metaio) for prototyping, create custom AR/VR hardware and bring his creative freedom to the next level. Some of the projects he’s been working on include Space Jell-O, Robot Puppet, Moon Kart, ConstructAR and Splat Paint VR.

Though the one project that has been receiving a lot of recognition is Rainbow Jellies. Rainbow Jellies is a augmented reality application that dims out your immediate environment, so you can fiddle with colorful glow-in-the-dark objects and jellyfishes. You can download the application for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. According to Chris Wren himself, “pretty much everything with Vive is exponentially better in general versus the Oculus CV1!”

No doubt, once you enter the experience, it seems you are transported to a rave that consist of jellyfishes and floating letters. The floating letters can be smacked into pieces, but soon after reform. There are mini hula-hoops, which you can twirl around your hand. Then there are the jellyfishes, who create a shocking or electrical effect when touched. With Leap Motion, instead of using the controllers to manipulate the holographs, you can utilize hand gestures, which is much more natural way of interacting with the environment.

You can follow his development process and project updates through his website, as well as watch a cool demo displaying Rainbow Jellyfish. It is no doubt, Chris is on to something when it comes to NUI’s and AR applications, which would be of no surprise that as the mixed reality market continues to grow, his handi-work will be embedded in some of the future applications we’ll utilize for ourselves on the day-to-day.

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