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City Wide AR Propelled By Komplex Studios

The possibilities of augmented reality(AR) are endless. Being able to digitize what’s around us, enhances how we interact with our physical environment. What is real and what is fantastical is elegantly brought together by this media. Augmented reality brings our digital life back into our landscape. It may be the one solution to solving the disconnect of people. No longer will screens imprison our attention, but allows our eyes to stretch out. This style of immersive media will give people another reason to venture out and explore the world. Let our beloved devices enhance the world with city wide AR.

Komplex, KAOS – Orientation Video

City Wide AR Installations

Komplex Live Cinema Group has been propelling this effort. In various places across the globe they’ve installed location based augmented reality experiences. These experiences include a variety of storytelling and abstract art digitally embedded within these locations. Mariano Equizzi in the early nineties developed a foundation for his trade at the Experimental Center of Cinematography. Which in 2013 led him to persist his augmented reality endeavors with the Komplex project. Luca Liggio(digital video management) and Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi(musi and sound design) help lead in Komplex, believing “technologies are an opportunity and a almost magical liberation tool to create increasingly sophisticated forms of interactivity.” Among their collaboration partners are Luca Liggio Production, Iter-Research and Emerging Series.

Where is the portal to city wide AR

Komplex’s AR experiences can be accessed through the ARize app. ARize can be installed on both iOS and Android. The app lets users create AR content to share with others. Scans for a planar surface are initiated, then user-created content is showcased in the immediate environment. Locations and images can also be scanned to activate media. This is the very featured used to unlock Komplex’s mind boggling location based experiences. AR community is also fostered within the app, where users can follow and contact their favorite digital creators. But Komplex does not only cultivate communities within the app but also within various cities.

Komplex Live Cinema Group and it’s many projects

61Mito is one of Komplex’s latest endeavors. It’s is a site-specific AR installation in EUR Rome. The city-wide project journey’s people through the Latin mythology of the goddess of the woods, Diana. Mariana Equizzi led the artist direction of the project. This was done in partnership QAcademy. An organization who focuses on new technologies for enhancing cultural development of communities and territories. Even though the experience is designed for a specific location, image targets is used to activate this artful mythological experience from home.

Komplex LALA Deliverances

During the LALA Deliverances event, 30 locations in Los Angeles were snapped by Tessuti Molli and converted into location-based AR art. Some of these experiences include revealing portals through city walls and terraforming the landscape into psychedelics’ experiences. Attendees are encouraged to use their smart devices to unlock hidden public art. Indeed a very great way to bring more attraction to events and provide a profound way in how people view their communities.

City augmentation was also used for the Athens Digital Arts Festival. The festival takes place every May in Athens, Greece, with the objective of connecting local and international communities through digital arts. For 2017, Komplex was relied upon to create a AR storytelling experience through captivating city-scale imagery. This particularly event demonstrated “augmented reality is used as a tool to rend out pataphysics in urban spaces.” Pataphysics is an sect of science that focuses on visual phenomena that extends to a world beyond metaphysics. In short, attendees were immersed in a journey through abstract and trippy landscapes.

AR Experience at Slingshot Festival

Komplex have also done AR events for Palermo Italy, Grande Milan, kvARTal Festival, Sicily Web Fest 2016, the Slingshot Festival and many more. For students who’ve attended University Dell ‘Aquila in 2016, could immerse themselves in the world of Cthulhu through an AR workshop. A keen opportunity for Lovecraftian fans to get a little bit closer to the lore. The AR production studio has created extra-ordinary city-wide AR experiences, immersing city-dwellers within a fantastical landscape. In turn, bring more interactivity to cities and public events. Something that has inevitably bring communities a little bit closer, as Pokémon Go has done.

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