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Coatsink: Developing Fun Puzzle Based Game For Virtual Reality Titled ‘Esper’

Founded in 2009 by Tom Beardsmore (Chief Executive Officer) and Paul Crabb (Chief Creative Officer), Coatsink studio has been producing creative and vibrant games. The company currently consists of 27+ dedicated minds. It wasn’t ’til recently that Coatsink has started to show a major interest in Virtual Reality games, with their recent launch of Esper.

Before their entrance into the virtual reality marketplace, they were creating platform style games. One of their earlier games was Pinch. Pinch is a unique puzzle-based game where players have to guide colorful orbs called Norbs through various mazes. As in the name, these norbs can be cut down to size with a pinch or can be merged to advance through these mazes.

Another stylistic game they’ve released was Chip. Instead of guiding Norbs through various mazes, you are directing a bolt of energy to a sleeping rusting robot named ‘Chip’. It requires you to manipulate magnets, cannons, mirrors and various devices to direct the energy ball on a grid-like board towards the robot. Just like Pinch, you can obtain achievements and explore bountiful levels to test your puzzle solving skills.

Now with the arrival of consumer-edition headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Initiative Program, Coatsink has made it one of their goals to create unique, vibrant and fun VR games.  Their flagship game into the VR market was Esper. The game takes place in 1975 where an outbreak of telekinetic citizens has prompt the government to investigate these potential threats.

Unfortunately, you are one of these citizens displaying strange telekinetic abilities. As a result, you are taken to a government facility where you’ll have to take an aptitude test, to prove you are not a threat to society. Through puzzles, you’ll have to test your wits and utilize you phenomenal abilities to make it out the government facility safely.

Coatsink created a sequel to Esper, titled ‘Esper2‘. You are now a hired telekinetic agent, with the objective of dealing with the outbreak of ‘special’ citizens. Through this full-fledge game, you’ll travel “to exotic locations, including the outer reaches of your mind, as you attempt to thwart a villain’s quest to obtain a mysterious artefact.” Both games can be played on the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Now Coatsink has partnered up with Boneloaf to bring Gang Beasts to virtual reality. Gang Beast is a hilarious local multiplayer game, where players wrestle and toss each other around in dangerous environments. You’ll have the luxury of throwing your friend into a industrial fan or incinerator pit. The characters you can choose from, looks ‘unique’ to say the least. Now this sort of glorified inhumane fun is being ported over for virtual reality fun.

It is always great to see companies add to the VR marketplace, because with more people adopting VR as their preferred way to experience media, it will be important for developers and content-creators to learn effective ways to utilize VR for engaging and immersive media. Coatsink is already showing their skills in VR, by transferring their knack for creating puzzle-based games into virtual reality. To learn more about Coatsink, go ahead and visit their website.

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