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Cool Devices In Existence

There is alot of great tech and innovators in existence today n more prominent than ever. With the openness of internet and the human drive many things have been accomplished in a very rapid pace. With this magical innerweb connection. We can easily learn of civil injustices in the world. We can look up reviews when it comes to investing money in a business or donating money to a charity. We can connect with people of similar interests and keep in touch with longtime friends. Though what is amazing, is learning about groups that are shifting the way we interact with the world. You know, those great minds who expend time and effort to create a product that’ll make living a bit more easier. You know, those small organizations, entrepreneurs, and amateurs that connect with each other to create something spectacular. It’s those guys that create products that proves humanity does still dream. Well… I trail off.

Recently, there is a product named Wearsafe, that is panic button for anyone that finds themselves in trouble. The way it works, it is a button that wirelessly connects to your phone. When in danger, you press this panic button. You designate contacts to receive a text message notifying you’re in a dangerous situation. For instance, if you notice you’re having stroke and are in the middle of the woods, press the button. Your pre-designated contacts will be notified and receive the location o your area. If someone is stalking you, obviously wanting to do harm, press the button and your trusted contacts will be notified of your location and distress. This will potential cut down on the amount of disappearance of people once it’s popular. And no it doesn’t continuously monitor your location, only when you press the panic button. Pretty cool.

Another innovative thing I’ve come across is NASA’s gecko contraption. Basically, they’ve found a way to mimic how gecko climbs with its feet. The purpose of this tech, is for their dedicated astronauts in space. This will be integrated into robots that’ll do exterior maintenance on spacecrafts. It’ll allow astronauts to stick notes/devices on the interior of their walls while working. But I can’t help to think, this can create a sort of Spider-Man. I mean we have grappling tech. Combine that with NASA’s gecko feet, and there you have it. A Spider-Man. Well it’s a fun thought.

If you like to record but want to skip all the editing process involved, there is a device named Graava. It is a camera that does live editing while recording. Which means, you’ll have a more interesting video to post on Facebook/Twitter of your daily activities. You can learn how it works on it’s website.

That is some of the random tech I’ve came across lately. With the proliferation of the internet and dedicated teams, the dreams of the future can become real. It’s humbling, to think where humanity was and where humanity is. Maybe soon enough, I’ll have my own robotic assistant shopping, cooking, recording, and thinking for me. Well a fool can dream… right?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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