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Crayola: Bringing Immersive Coloring Books to the Market

Crayola is a household name. It is one of the first tools children use to express their imagination. Generations of creative minds have been inspired by the colorful company. If you want to exercise your kids or even your creativity, Crayola has a plenty of solutions from coloring-books to lesson plans for educators. Most of us remember using our first crayon in school. Seriously, we could go on all day about how Crayola has influenced generations of kids to pursue a creative career, but what they have done recently is truly pioneering.

Yep, Crayola has enhanced their coloring books with augmented reality(AR) capabilities, dubbed “Color Alive“. With a variety of augmented reality coloring books, such as Sky landers, Minions, Monster High and more, young minds can now interact and watch their favorite characters come to life. Each Color Alive book comes with special crayons to bring effects to 2D pictures, such as fire or sparkles. The effects can be seen through their AR app, which is available for Android and iOS. The app also has a “4D” button, that takes your character off the page. Even though the characters are colored on a 2D space( meaning not being able to color the characters back or parts not accessible in the 2D space), the character is still fully colored in the 4D space. And instead of just glaring at a statue, the character becomes animated as well. With this said, you can share with your friends videos of you interacting with your character. Heck, you can even take a selfie.

All that’s cool and all, but what if you want to have full control over your characters motion, What if you want to create the animation, the settings, and tell your own story. To meet these creative needs, Crayola has introduced their Easy Animation Studio. This comes equipped with crayons, various environment settings and characters, and a mannequin. The way you dress up this mannequin is through digital augmentation, by superimposing your colorful character onto the mannequin. You can then move it’s arms, legs, head, and chest. You can have your character fly through a city. Or discover a unknown forest. You could even film your character exploring inside your house.

This is why Crayola continues to thrive as a household name. By unleashing the creativity within young minds, there will always be a future to look forward to.

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