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Crowd Control Productions (CCP Games): Producing Sought After Virtual Experiences such as EVE: Valkyrie and Gunjack

Crowd Control Production Games (CCP Games) is an Icelandic game development company that has been producing creative and story-driven MMORPG virtual worlds since its founding in 1997. One of their most popular games to date is the intergalactic battle game, EVE Online. With much success from this and other titles, CCP Games has embarked on a venture to create immersive worlds built for virtual reality.

EVE Online has been revisioned as EVE: Valkyrie, which takes full advantages of VR HMDs, such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Valkyrie puts you into the avatar of a hire-for-kill space pilot, who’s main objective is to bring down rival pirate factions and seek vengeance for wealth, supremacy, notoriety and power.

Since the game has been developed from the ground-up for virtual reality, it provides insane graphics, gameplay, multiplayer modes and customizable space-ships that let’s players forget they’re sitting at home and not in the outers of space.

The game was bundled with the pre-order of the Oculus Rift, with access to the EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack and currently takes advantage of 5.7 gigabytes of hard-drive space on a gaming rig. CCP games plans on providing ongoing updates and add-ons to the game, though you can access their online store to customize your experience to your own liking.

When you enter your space-pilot avatar, you have the option of flying a fighter-class, heavy-class or support-class ship, which ensures your usefulness to the mercenary alliance. Fight class ships, such as the Wraith and Spur, are more geared towards newcomers, with powerful guns and agile movements. Heavy ships are boosted in firepower and armor, with the main objective of controlling a certain area of space. And finally the Support class allows pilots to provide buffs for their comrades, with abilities to weaken enemy ships or heal wounded allied ships.

With these powerful ships, you can achieve mass extinction of  rival space pirates. You can add flare to your ship with detailed decals and fear-inducing ship parts, which can be bought with online currency or Certified Market Bonds. With your customized suped-up space-fighter, you can make a name for yourself as a feared mercenary in PVE and PVP modes. At least that’s what they say.

The game is currently downloadable from the Oculus Home Store. With EVE: Valkyrie being a game produced from a innovative and expert company in MMORPGs, it should be one of the first virtual reality experiences on your to-do list, when you finally get your VR HMD.

But Valkyrie is not the only game CCP Games has made from the ground-up for virtual reality experiences.  Gunjack is an arcade-style intergalactic pick-up-and-play shooter game based in the EVE universe, with the main objective of protecting a space rig from opportunist and space pirates. Well really, it’s to shoot everything and anything that moves within the vicinity of the space rig.

CCP Games plans on releasing new VR experiences for Oculus, Gear VR, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive owners to delve in. With much mediocre-ish VR content out there, that undermines the potential for people to explore worlds in a new and invigorating way, EVE: Valkyrie and Gunjack are not definitely one of those.

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