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Cubicle Ninjas Develops the Reality Bending App ‘Spectacle VR’

Augmented reality is another marketplace that has a expanding amount of content available. Some people are even counting on the AR market to surpass the value of the VR market in the next five to ten years, but that is still to be determined as more people began adopting immersive interfaces. One of the main or most talked about capabilities of augmented reality is being able to overlay holographs onto the actual environment. Truth is, tech enabling AR can literally transform the entire environment from what you’re used to visually seeing.

One great example of this is a digital product created by Cubicle Ninjas.  Cubicle Ninjas consider themselves “Creative Problem Solvers,” by creating innovative digital solutions for start-ups and established companies. Some of their clients include American Express, AutoDesk, CitiBank, Chicago Public Schools, Fox, Google, Leapfrog, Leica Biosystems, FedEX, IBM, Universal, TransUnion, Staples and Universal Studios, to name a few. Their process that has continued to create happy clients is simple yet complex, starting from discovery, to strategy and creative execution, and final delivery.

They utilized this process to create the digital app “Spectacle VR.” Even though Spectacle VR has VR in its name, it is still more of an AR app, for the mere fact that it augments what you are seeing in the actual environment, rather than completely transporting you to a virtual environment. Essentially, the app allows you to switch between different filters, which allows you to augment your environment and people in monochromatic, psychedelic, pixelated or even a fishbowl view.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Why do I want to view the world in psychedelic colors?” It’s like asking, “Why do I want to wear orange-tinge shades?” Well, unlike shades, with limited filters, you can share photos of the environment you’ve distorted with your friends of or social networks. David from VRGiant even predicts “many spectacle-filtered, VR-wearing, mirror selfiers in our near future.”

Spectacle VR was built for the Gear VR, with a very intuitive interface. Through the Galaxy S7’s powerful camera, which has a reduced latency of photo/video capturing, Cubicle Ninjas was able to create hi-quality filters while being careful to avoid overheating the phone. One cool thing the app utilizes is gesture control. Besides tapping on the Gear VR to switch photos and take pictures, you can simply swipe your hand across the camera and switch between filters that way as well.

Other than producing engaging applications for their clients and creating this cool AR app, they are in the works of developing a virtual reality meditation app and exploration app of Venice. If you looking for a trusted producer of content or simply looking for cool content to discover, go ahead and visit their website for their full portfolio and services.

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