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Dassault Systemes: A Pioneer in Collaborative 3D Technology Platforms

When it comes to upping the resolution in how we work with each other, being “connected” is both convenient and important. Being able to provide speedy information and feedback on large-scale projects is important for meeting deadlines with desired end-results. These networks has improved efficiency and collaboration on projects. With vaults of data and networks of experts compiled through online resources, the ability to work in real-time with distant workers is much more easier now than it was before. Now with 3D technology becoming more common, companies are investing in ways to incorporate 3D tech with project collaboration.

Dassault Systemes is a software company based in Paris that specializes in collaborative CAD( Computer Aided Design) software. It was created in 1981 by Avions Marcel Dassault to aid aerospace engineers in designing aircrafts. Soon with the guidance of Francis Bernard( a aircraft design engineer), Dassault Systemes focused their attention on creating PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) products that all industries can benefit from. Now in 2015, the Aerospace, Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Energy, Transport and mobility, and many other industries are benefiting from their comprehensive PLM solutions for streamlining project collaboration.

What makes Dassault Systemes 3DExperience platform stand out, is it’s capacity to facilitate real-time teamwork on projects between workers utilizing 3D modeling, 3D mock-ups, and PLM solutions. Basically, the system allows workers to collaborate live in a virtual space using digital copies of physical objects. In other words, if you are a engineer designing a plane, while using the 3DExperience platform you can interact with others in real-time to annotate, and provide feedback on the digital mock-up of the actual design. The 3DExperience platform contains a suite of software specializing in aiding high-level design projects. SIMULIA( software for virtual simulation), NETVIBES( provides intelligent dashboards to monitor and manage Web information in real-time), and CATIA( used for product design and experience) are only a few specialized software 3DExperience platform has created for industries to use. Though many companies have seen improved performance and outcome using 3DS, they have created a project that encourages world innovations called 3DExperience Lab.

The 3DEperience Lab goal is to shape “a new framework of open innovation that merges collective intelligence with a cross-collaborative approach to foster entrepreneurship as well as to strengthen society’s future of creation.” One project that is benefiting from this is UltraScope. UltraScope was envisioned by a dedicated team from Open Space Agency (OSA). The agency was founded by James Parr to “create a community of individual space explorers to monitor space for approaching asteroids.” Essentially, he wants citizens to be apart of space exploration with their own enhanced telescope, . After OSA submitted their idea to 3DExperience Lab, Dassault Systemes saw Ultascope as a progressive technology that may influence modern and future societies.

What keeps this dedicated company at the edge of tech innovations is their ability to redesign real-world objects and scenarios into a virtual three-dimensional space. Atheer Labs, a pioneer in augmented reality(AR), is working with Dassault Systemes to bring AR glasses to the masses. This will allow the 3DS to maintain their footing in 3D technology and usher in a new era of teamwork collaboration. It is no easy task to leave a footprint in the history of technology evolution, which is why Dassault Systemes 3DExperience is worth noting about when it comes to advancements in world civilizations.


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