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Dejobaan Studios has entered the Virtual Reality Market with Caaaaardboard!

Everyone loves a little excitement in their life and gaming surely fulfills that. Probably why we have so many gamers in the modern Era. This brings me to the fearless studio, Dejobaan Games. Dejobaan Games was founded in 1999 by Ichiro Lambe.
Ichiro has been part of the gaming industry since 1993 and co-founded Worlds Apart Productions (renamed Sony Online Entertainment Denver). He is also a prominent speaker of video games, holding talks at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, PAX East 2011, MIT Business in Gaming 2012, Women in Games Boston, Steam Dev Days 2014, FIG Talks 2016 and many more.

His studio is relatively small compared to major studios, such as Electronics Entertainment. Dejobaan Games has been responsible for smash-hit games, that includes Elegy for a Dead World, The Wonderful End of the World, Monsters Love You (Collaboration with Radial Games), Drunken Robot Pornography and #1 hit AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (Awarded at Mod DB MOTY 2009, Independent Games Festival, Indie Game Challenge and Boston Indie Showcase).

Elegy for a Dead World is influenced by British Romance-Era poems, were you explore extinct civilizations and write your findings about them. Your combined findings create a story about these civilizations, which can be shared online.

The Grimm Fairy Tale game, Monsters Love You, creates a monster out of you, in which “you’re a young monster, orphaned by humans who now wear your parents as luxurious pelts.” It has a TellTale-ish style to it, where your dialog and actions determine the outcome of the game. If you’re always eating the children that get lost in the forest, humanity is doomed and if you’re always go head-to-head against monsters, then humans may just stand a chance.

In Drunken Robot Pornography, Rueben Matsumoto and you are responsible for sentient robots taking over the world. Now it’s your job to bring them to a end. The story is told ” over the games’ 52 levels and Tim’s angry voicemails.” The cool aspect about the game, is you can create your own robot bosses and their inhabiting arenas, which can be shared online. There is currently over 650 bits of user-generated content that the world needs to be saved from.

The game that is flagshipping them into Virtual Reality, is a re-make of their hit game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!. Caaaaardboard is tailor made for Google Cardboard, which brings you into the world of base-jumping. With the thrill of feeling like your falling to your death, you must avoid colliding into city sky-scrapers.

You can perform stunts such as kissing or gliding alongside the steel buildings. Of course the government does not condone your actions, which means you can flip-off authorities and spray-paint those dazzling Boston skyscrapers on your way down. The virtual reality game has been awarded Winner of ModDB Editor’s Choice Game of the Year, Finalist in Indie Game Challenge of 2010, Finalist in IGF 2010 of Excellence in Design and Peeny Arcade PAX East 2010 Boston Indie Showcase.

The end point is, if you want to experience the thrill of virtual reality, you can obtain a inexpensive Google Cardboard and download Dejobaan’s CaaaardBoard. The visuals are on point and you’ll forget you were ever standing up.

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