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Developing Social AR with SuperFan Studio

It is amazing how social media continues to influence and impact our lives. It enables us to stay connected with distant friends, share personal life experiences and meet others like-minded individuals. Even though Facebook has been dominating the social media space(surpassing MySpace at advent of social media), many companies and studios have come out with their own online social platforms. Snapchat enables app users to send digital media(photos, videos, text) that can only be viewed once. TikTok enables app users to create short entertaining and informative videos. Twitter enables app users to share with world snippets of thoughts through limited text. Now developing social AR bas become increasingly popular.

With augmented and virtual reality(AR/VR) increasing in popularity, it has triggered social media platforms to implement AR/VR features. This can be seen in Snapchat providing AR filters to augment facial features or apply cool background effects. Instagram enables businesses and individuals to enhance Instagram Stories with interactive and immersive media. AR/VR content adds value to social media, including increased content engagement, click-thru-rates and product consumption. Therefore more AR/VR editor platforms and marketplaces have emerged for streamlining AR/VR creations for social media.

Minimize effort developing social AR filters

Unique social AR with SuperFan

SuperFan Studio is a leading studio making it easier people to find and create AR filters. These filters are shareable on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Not only can people search for unique augmented reality filters but also create and sell their own 3D digital assets on SuperFan’s marketplace. As well connect with other brands that are seeking AR creators to produce AR media of a particular type or style. Since 2015 SuperFan Studio has been a “marketplace that connects to a huge network of vetted, top AR creators from around the world to create trending AR, VR, and XR experiences.”

There are informational resources SuperFan Studio provides for those who are greenthumbs when it comes to augmented reality media creation. Including guidance along the way to sharing augmented content to friends, family, peers and the world. SuperFan Studio consists of a expert team with Snehaal Dhruv(Founder/Chief Executive Officer), Hardik Shah(Founding Team/Chief Strategy Officer), Meet Poladia(Founding Team/VP of Products). They have produced engaging AR experiences for top-notch brands like Spotify, Cadbury, PUMA and Sunburn. Brands have relied on SuperFan’s AR creation platform for increasing brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

AR creators interested in developing social AR

Creating Snapchat Lens with SuperFan studio

If interested in creating with the SuperFan, creators can apply through an interactive video form on the website. The video form will ask for name, email, phone number, location and skill levels. Once accepted, creators will be able to create cool, customizable filters and experiences for social media. SuperFan Studio “goal is to make AR accessible to everyone… but the process of creating it has been largely exclusive. It is often viewed as a highly technical venture that will cost a pretty penny to employ someone who can execute it. Well, not anymore.”

For brands or businesses who are interested in propelling the XR industry and be part of an innovative studio’s journey, there is the option of partnering up with SuperFan Studio. Partners benefit from one-to-one onboarding or personal training on setting up account and creating AR content. Scheduled AR workshops provide deeper insight into the AR industry. And discounted prices on plans and custom AR content, ranging from 15-25% off.

Much AR to explore at SuperFan Studio’s marketplace

There is a variety of augmented reality filters in the SuperFan’s marketplace to explore with a SuperFan account. Perfect for individuals who want to spice up their social media profiles. This ranges from face filters, like appearing as an zombie or having long, bold eyelashes. To games controlled by facial expressions, such as staring competition or controlling a 2D sprite by head bobbing. Just fun stuff can be found like AR experiences using voice data to augment facial features or transform into a Super Saiyan. There is plenty in the marketplace to check out. Creations from the SuperFan development team can be found in the marketplace, which can spark your own augmented reality ideas to create.

There is much opportunity for developing social AR experiences. Social AR will dominate how people share their lives online. And studios like SuperFan will only make that a reality. Thank you for reading from Around Your Screen!

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