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Drones Suited for Combat

The world, from colorful plants to fierce predators, has always seek to conquer and prove it’s evolutionary advantages. But the greatest touters of all time are humans. Proving our ability to assimilate and construct advanced societies, choosing what living beings we to accept in our enclosed world and proving our skilled craftsmanship, by using our god-given hands. Beautiful architecture and complex machinery was born from our minds and delivered by our mouth and hands. What continues to fuel our ambitions is our desire to competively outpace our peers.

A identifying example of our lust to prove our superiority, is most notably the arms race. A modern example of this, are military drones suited for combat. Unmanned Aerial Drones are not new to war and militaries has invested heavily in UAVs. The U.S. has used this tech to reduce the amount of foot soldiers it sends out to war and combat terroism. Recently, a combat drone targeted a 21-year-old terroist, Junaid Hussain, responsible for online hacking and recruitment for ISIS. The drone annahilated a vehicle in Syria, they assumed he was in. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is also investing in drones that’ll work essemble collecting intel from the air, named “Gremlins.” Pilots will be able to disperse these automated crafts while in flight and once the crafts are done with their duty, they’ll return back to the original aircraft they came from, providing valuable information. These are just a couple examples of how the U.S. has entered the Drone Arms Race.

The U.S. is not alone in the Drone Arms Race. Britain has invested more than a few billion euros in UAVs like the Reaper and the Watchkeeper. Their interest lies in the security drones ability for advanced surveilence and targeting systems. With the defenses of countries taking a keen interest in unmanned automated aircrafts, experts have a rising concern with over use of drones. A MoD spokesperson from Britain has made important points regarding military use of drones: “Is military use of drones lowering the political costs of military intervention? While manufacturers argue that drones can deliver their weapons with ‘pinpoint precision’, how accurate are these systems in reality?” The U.S. has recently gotten flack over civilian casualties caused by drones in Pakistan. The non-partisan New America Foundation estimates around 17 perecent of drone strikes in Pakistan is responsible for civilian casualties- between 293 and 471 in total.

Another debate, is whether distant pilots controlling UAVs become desensitize by war, since they are not in the field with their life on the line? Though according to P.W. Singer from Brookings Institute, argues that “cubicle warriors” face a greater “whiplash transition.” These pilots have high-resolution access to the gruesome scenes of war, sometimes carrying out the killings, and return home in the evenings to their families, after participating in the virtual war-zone. What’s more interesting, is the effect it has on average citizens with access to these snuff films, called ‘war porn.’

Final Thoughts

It was inevitable that militaries would find a great interest in UAVs to propel their agenda. Which is great and unsettling. These drone expenditures could lead to a reality were citizens are being monitored by patrolling drones and suspected citizens of terror could be disabled on the spot. Similar to how National Security Agency uses it’s power to collect data and monitor citizen activities, drones can very well be added to the surveillance arsenal. But those are my personal thoughts on how the Drones Arms Race birthing drones suited for combat will change how the world operates.

What are you thought’s on the proliferation of military UAVs?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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