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@EmpatheticMedia is Driving More Empathy Throughout the World with Virtual and Augmented Reality

It is great to see what developers are adding to the virtual reality space. There have been multiple games, films and promotional content. Now you can add another VR, as well as augmented reality development studio to this list, who are creating 360 videos exploring and showcasing tragedies from around the world.

Empathetic Media is a mixed reality development & consultant studio based in New York, USA, powered by three individuals, who include Dan Archer (Founder), Katharina Finger (Highly experienced in project management /strategic marketing) and Pierre Depaz (Highly skilled sound and visual programmer).

Since it’s founding, they have worked with European Journalism Centre, The New School, Mckinsey & Company, Maynard Institute, Associated Press, The Washington Post, Samsung Global Innovation Center and the list keeps growing. This is definitely an impressive list, but what is more impressive is the VR/AR experiences they have created.

Included in the portfolio is a VR experience titled ‘The Peace Process.’ It is an story-driven animated documentary, placing you within a small community outside of Medellin, Colombia, detailing years of constant violence and it’s healing process. As an first-hand experience, you are able to interact with the story and choose the path the community takes towards restoration.

On the AR side of Empathetic Media’s portfolio, comes a reality-altering experience to help stop human-trafficking across the world #StopTrafficking2016. In partnership with Red Cross Pancevo ATTeam, people are able to pull out their smartphone, point it at a stop-sign and learn about the horrors surrounded by human trafficking through three stories told by individuals intimately affected by this crisis.

Through their portfolio of experiences, they have received much recognition as leaders in immersive storytelling at conferences, including Newsgeist Unconference, Boston University Power of Narrative conference, Woodstock Digital Media Conference, MIT’s Media Lab and of course the list go on.

Overall, they are utilizing virtual/augmented reality to inspire people to become better and become the solution in the inhuman events that transpire across the world, from community crippling violence and human-trafficking to police brutality and human refugees. You can learn more about their direction as a VR/AR news studio on their blog. Also connect with them on Twitter @EmpatheticMedia.

Thank you for reading and let me know what your take is by commenting below.

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