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FaceShift: Pioneer in Facial Expression Capture Technology

FaceShift was originally a start-up based in Zurich, Switzerland. They created a software studio, which “is a facial motion capture software solution which revolutionizes facial animation.” Essentially the expressions and nuances created by a human or animal face can be mimicked by a digital avatar. This includes “a mixture of basic expressions, plus head orientation, and eye gaze.” This being one of the reasons why Apple acquired it in 2015.

Though what other implications or functions can this software provide, besides making digital faces more human. FaceShift’s software’s ability to capture the human facial expressions in it’s entirety, means applications can be created to understand the emotional level of people during conversations or any other human activity.

This will allow people with social dysfunctions or autism to become independent during human interaction. Having a app that can tell whether someone is upset with you or is very interested in what you have to say, can provide a profound way in how people in general understand each other. Let’s face it, though most of us believe we can read people, some of us are just not that good at it. This is another situation FaceShift can assist in.

Developers or people interested in seeing how their solution works can view their documents (while it is still up) and learn more about FaceShift’s studio. Unfortunately for because of the brief demos released and Apples acquirement of this significant company, we’ll have to wait until more apps are released displaying FaceShift’s pioneering software that captures the human face.

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