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Fantastic Contraptions from Radial Games & Northway Games

Fantastic Contraptions is a pretty inventive game and you are the inventor! The goal of the game is pretty straightforward. You have to get from point A to point B. Well in this case, the pink orb has to make it to its destination to advance through the levels. The more you advance through, the more funky the levels become. There are two different versions of Fantastic contraptions. Version 1.0 is a 2 dimensional web-browser based game. It is also free-to-play and can be very addictive, if you are a problem solver.  The game was first introduced to the public in 2008 and well over twelve million contraptions were created by people around the world. That is pretty amazing. What is more amazing is version 2.0. If you have been keeping up with the newest interface hitting the market this year or posts from Around Your Screen, you will be well aware what Fantastic Contraptions has been upgraded to.

Yes, the pioneering team from Northway Games and Radial Games has brought the virtual reality experience to fantastic contraptions. Now instead of designing two dimensional contraptions to complete courses, you can become immersed on ” a grassy island in the sky while you build a machine the size of a horse with your own hands,” with the aid of the HTC Vive( a VR Head Mounted Display). The Northways also showcases the games virtual reality capabilities on their twitch channel.

What really stands out to me is the creativeness of the worlds you are immersed in. For instance, instead of clicking on a wood icon at the top of the menu and clicking it to the spot you want to place it on, you actually grab a wooden pole that is embedded in a cat. You can actually grab wheels from the cat. You can even grab a sticky ball from the cat. Honestly, the cat itself has all the crafting tools, artfully embedded within, for you to create your own contraptions. Now when you complete the level, a dog with a huge button for a face appears  for you to advance to the next level. They even have a fire breathing frog that’ll delete any saved contraption you do not want. They seem to have a thing for turning household pets into contraptions themselves.

One unique feature about this experience, is that it allows you to actually inhabit the same plane as your creations, using room scale VR. Usually on a floating grassy island. So you better be prepared to stand up and make contraptions bigger than life. With that said, even though your contraptions can fall off the edge of the island, you can’t, or you’ll run into your own wall. There are over 40 levels to complete, with each one testing your design skills. The game itself is one of a kind, but the creators are just as eccentric as Fantastic Contraptions.

Northway Games is brought to life with the husband and wife team, Sarah and Colin Northway. They are originally from BC Canada but are great adventurers, living in places like Czech Republic, Italy, Scotland, Costa Rica, and Brazil among other places. This has allowed them to meet indie game developers, influencing their approach to game design. Northway games has other projects under their belt, such as Incredipede, Rebuild series, and Deep under the Sky. To say the least, creating worlds for others to enjoy, is a genuine passion of theirs.

Another great contributor to Fantastic Contraptions is Radial Games. The development company was founded by Andy Moore on January 2nd and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Any Moore earliest game development experience was with the original web-based Fantastic contraptions, hired as a community manager. Since then, he has worked on his coding skills, significantly helping with the upgrade of the game to VR. He is also a trained pilot, that loves planes. Another part of the team is Kimberly Voll(VR expert) and Lindsay Jorgensen(Art expert).

With such passionate people making their mark in the Virtual Reality sector, it will be no surprise for them to be mentioned as pioneers in VR gaming. Go ahead and check out Fantastic Contraptions for yourself!

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