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Felix and Paul Studios Usher in Film Production to the Virtual Reality Screen

It is a held belief that virtual reality is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we consume media and entertain ourselves. Besides games, one obvious sector that is demonstrating this is film production. VR is has provided storytellers and film producers a different approach to immersing users in the story. Well, by actual immersing them in the film.

Felix & Paul Studios is one such production studio. Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael utilizes proprietary 3D 360-degree VR camera system to re-imagine storytelling, by creating a visceral experience for people to become immersed in. These award-winning directors understand the potential VR has to offer films, which has made them dedicated pioneers upgrading motion pictures to VR.

Their portfolio of immersive films range from documentary of nomadic tribes and famous basketball player, to the surreal experience of Cirque De Soleil. They really do have a thing for the nomadic tribes, in which you can get a 360-degree experience learning about Sea Gypsies, Maasai and Herders.

They’ve also had the pleasure capture famous and inspiring performances in VR. By now, a lot of people of heard about Cirque Du Soliel and their surreal acrobatic performances that transports the audience to a different world. The studio worked closely with Cirque Du Soleil Media  to bring awe-inspring performances, such as “Inside the Box of Kurios” and “Cirque Du Soliel O,” to the VR screen.

Lebron James partnered with Felix & Paul Studios to capture his extreme pre-season training. This means you’ll have a intimate experience with the NBA star and possibly write down some detailed notes about his routine or so. You can also follow another famous individual by the name of Bill Clinton, in the VR film “Inside Impact: East Africa.” You’ll be able to virtually travel to East Africa and learn about The Clinton Global Initiative.

Felix & Paul Studios is continuing to add to their VR portfolio and is proving their worth in taking advantage of VR capabilities to enhance the motion picture experience. With most of their work documentary oriented, they are also contributing to the educational factor VR has to offer. With dedicated studios, such as them, producing hi-quality immersive films, mainstream may be adopting VR headsets a lot sooner than we think.

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