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@Framestore VR Team of Dedicated Developers are producing Hi-end #VR films in Partnership With Leading Brand Companies


Its always interesting to see what digital developers and films experts are doing to push forward the potential of virtual reality. I’ve written in a previous post about how Storyhunter has incorporated a community of experienced directors and developers to understand and explore the various ways VR can enhance the very experiences that two-D screens are not able to achieve. This is why Framestore deserves recognition in their feat of producing high caliber films in virtual reality.

Framestore VR is a team of highly experienced and skilled filmmakers from Framestore Pictures, who produces groundbreaking immersive experiences, as well as work with brands and enthusiasts to provide them with a deeper understanding of VR’s possibilities through workshops. They have had the pleasure of working with Marvel, Samsung, HBO, Samsung, Paramount Pictures and other hi-profile leaders in the entertainment industry.

Through their partnerships, they have created a impressive portfolio of immersive entertainment. One such experience was a collaboration with Samsung and Marvel to produce 360-degree video, “Battle for Avengers Tower.” Built for the Gear VR and currently viewable on YouTube 360, you get first-hand slow-motion experience as Iron-man, as he flies through hordes of sub-Ultrons and aiding his friends, to eventually run into Ultron Prime himself.

As stated by Framestore VR, “The solution was to open with an epic real-time rendering, fully interactive environment and then transition to a stunning pre-rendered 360 video.” In order to direct the gaze of viewer to next action sequence or heroes, they utilized rockets and flying weapons, such as Thor’s hammer, which smoothly shifts viewers attention.

They confess that the most time-consuming technical obstacle, was the rendering of the spherical video. The entire production time of this 360 video took them under 2-months. Once released, Battle for Avengers Tower obtained over 2million views and was talked about on CNET, VRFocus, Wired and Android Headlines.

Though this is one of the many immersive films Framestore has produced. They’ve worked with Fiat for “The Power of X,” Universal Hip Hop Museum for “Kurtix Blow,” Marriott for “The Teleporter,” HBO Game of Thrones for “Ascend the Wall,” and their multi award-winning film in partnership with Lockheed Martin, “The Field Trip to Mars.”

Overall, Framestore VR main goal is to create Oscar-winning immersive experiences that will inevitably push the VR marketplace forward. To stay up with their latest developments and plans, you can connect with them via Twitter @Framestore.

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