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Free Range Games: Independent Game Studio Stepping into the Realm of Virtual Reality Gameplay

Free Range Games is an independent development studio dedicated to creating high quality games for browsers, Windows, Macs and Android systems since 2009. The studio has over 25 employed developers, with some being involved in popular titles, such as Spider-Man, Tony Hawk and Lord of the Rings. They currently holster 15 games in their portfolio.

One of Free Range Games earlier productions was SummitX Snowboarding, Spin Or Die, Zaxxon Escape and Pocket Gunfighters. SummitX Snowboarding and Spin Or Die are sport-style games with one testing your skills on high mountains and the other during rush hour traffic, respectively.

Zaxxon Escape takes place in outer-space, in a extra-terrestrial space fortress where the player must navigate their ship through tunnels and force fields to escape the fortress. In Pocket Gunfighters, you are casted as an Funko styled character that traverses through time, joining the many gunfighters through history to combat the mysterious villain, Equinox.

These few games mentioned shows the diversity and experience Free Range Games developers employ in the development process. One thing to take notice, is the compact environments of the games, keeping players more in-tuned and immersed with their immediate environment.

They are also developing a unique game, where you are the dungeon master and collect cards to fortify your stronghold. Labyrinth takes place in the world Hylea, within the city of Starfall. This place is ravaged by rival gangs (a.k.a. other players) and it is your duty to protect your settlement and collected riches from their grasp.

Initially, you begin in a single-room dungeon with one set of cards or Hero deck. Throughout the game your are able to collect additional cards and expand your dungeon to multiple rooms. Since Hylea has many cultures and factions that populate the world, you will be able to hire Heroes and gain powers for your protection.

The game is an PvP style game, which merges elements of  PvE. Meaning, that you do not have to be on constantly to actively protect your dungeon, as your cards will protect you while other players try to steal your riches. You can help fund their game on LabyrinthCCG, which they’ve already exceeded their $150,000 goal by $20,000.

Free Range Games has also developed for virtual reality, partnering up with a very popular book-franchise, Goosebumps. In Night of Scares, you are playing a game of hide-n-seek, while Slappy the Dummy tries to kill you. He is accompanied by his fellow companions Murder the Clown, Lawn Gnomes, The Annihilator, Graveyard Ghouls and Fifi the Vampire Poodle.

The objective of the game is to collect all the torn pages of the book to send Slappy and his companions back to fiction. Night of Scares takes place in R.L. Stine’s house which stretches over four chapters. Jack Black also voices the R.L. Stine. Even though the game can be played without a VR headset, it is much more exciting and scarier to play with one.

It is available for download on the Oculus Store, Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon.
Free Range Games has created some very interesting and unique titles, and with their involvement in immersive VR gameplay, they definitely have a stepping stone for creating successful games in the emerging VR marketplace. You can view more of their portfolio on their website.

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