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@Ghost_VR Develops an Analytical Platform for Brands to Examine Their VR Apps Performance

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It is great that plenty of virtual reality content is being developed in order to show off the potential of immersive media, as well as help brands become embedded in the future of media consumption. Eventually as more people tune into VR interfaces, it will be important for developers and brands alike to understand how their content is being experienced.

Which is exactly the solution Ghost VR is providing. Based in Warsaw, Poland and led by CEO Artur Kurasiński, Ghost VR has developed an analytics platform to provide the necessary data for studios and companies to understand how people are interacting within their immersive content.

Through their platform, heatmaps (tracks what users are looking at), a/b testing (compares users interactions between 2 versions), demography and other metrics can be extracted for content-creators to track app performance. Ghost VR also works with brands to develop marketing strategies and customized dashboards.

They’ve partnered with @Bivrost360, who provides the necessary tools for creating 360 degree videos, including 360 cameras, Adobe Premiere/After Effects VR plugins and live streaming solutions. As stated on their website, “Bivrost in Nordic mythology is a mystic land bridge connecting a simple world of humans with an unreachable magical world of Gods.” Which in this case, ‘world of Gods’ equals the digital dimension.

Both Ghost VR and Bivrost are bridging the gap necessary for VR applications to be produced and improved for maximum efficiency in user experience. If you’re in need of analyzing your VR contents performance, you can contact Ghost VR through their website or follow them via Twitter @ghost_vr.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on their analytical platform with a comment below:)

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