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Gravity Jack: Augmented Reality Development Company

We are always seeking the next avant-garde gadget. And 2016 is the year people will enter a groundbreaking interactive experience. Not too long ago, it was hard to think what would replace the ubiquitous smartphone. With Samsung, Apple, HTC, and other leading companies continuing to add enhanced capabilities to smartphones, we will eventually hit a standstill in the amount of pixelated space we utilize on our mobile interfaces. Which is why Microsoft is investing in augmented reality(AR) glasses Hololens, Facebook in virtual reality headset Oculus, Apple in AR development software Metaio and many AR companies are getting hefty funding. But there is one company that is developing engaging AR software for brand name businesses, including Coca-Cola, Boeing, Fisher-Price, and Kraft.

Gravity Jack(GJ) was founded in 2009, with the intent to create captivating AR experiences that has navigable user-interface. It’s current CEO, Josh Abel, has prepared years in advanced to push Gravity Jack to the next level. GJ’s team takes advantage of Vuforia’s software development kit, to create customized AR applications. Because of their dedication to companies success, Myspace, Microsoft, Fisher-Price and Apple teamed up with them to bring forth consumer-oriented augmented reality interaction to the mainstream. On top of working with leading brand-named companies, they were “named one of the ‘Best Entrepreneurial Companies In America’ by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Inaugural Performance Index,” and “recommended AR Company by AugmentedRealityTrends.com.”

If possible, people would prefer to try a product before they buy it. Which is why Fisher-Price called on Gravity Jack’s team. They want their customers to view the whole Baby Gear product line right in their own homes. Allowing parents to pick out the perfect baby swing that fits their household without guessing. This allow people to be much more informed and happier when buying for their little toddler. The Fisher-Price app is currently available for Android and iOS users. You also need to download a placement marker, enabling you to place virtual Baby Gear anywhere in your home.

Oh yea, and the video above also showcases this solution-based companies ability to meet their clients needs. These are only a couple ways Gravity Jack is providing solutions for businesses to enter the AR market. Gravity Jack deserves recognition for ushering in augmented reality experiences to the masses. With their handi-work and other AR companies, leading brand-named businesses can let their customers explore the products in interactive AR experiences.

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