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HammerHead VR: Leader in Virtual Reality Worlds and Exploring Techniques for Immersive Storytelling

Hammerhead VR is an leading company that has been creating detailed virtual reality environments for the past few years. The studio utilizes over 1000 hours of combined developmental experience, which range from 360-degree videos, visualizations and product applications. They also partner up with clients in research and development projects.

Such projects include their Sunseeker application. In combination with the Oculus Rift, potential customers can explore full size SuperYachts. These virtual yachts are fully customizable, providing a personalized experience for the prospector, as well as providing a valuable sales channel for yacht manufacturers.

Lexus has also teamed up Hammerhead VR team, to create a Hi-def 360-degree video, putting users in the seat of a Lexus RC F, dubbed Lexus “Virtual Drive”. Users have the option to choose from a smooth or aggressive style of driving and switch to passenger or curbside view. The application runs on mobile VR headsets, such as the Samsung Gear VR or Zeiss VR One.

The application from the result of Hammerhead application to the Boursin Sensorium virtual reality roadshow, will surely make you hungry. In this demo app people are shrunken down to size and visit the vastness of a refrigerator, putting you up close with vibrant fruits and vegetables. To enhance the ‘presence’ factor of this decadent journey, the application was complimented with binaural sounds and aroma fans.

Even though these VR productions are worth experiencing, they are creating their own original content. ABE VR explores storytelling in a immersive world. Apparently in the story of ABE VR, their is an serial-killing robot, who has target you as their next victim. Part of the trailer shows the autonomous being getting up close and personal with a saw to your neck.

“No longer do you have to just watch the film, you now get to experience it as a character. Specifically, ABE’s chosen victim.”

Created using the Unreal Engine, Hammerhead VR is exploring VR as a medium to understand and explore “emotional connection and heightened sense of empathy that VR delivers as a  storytelling medium.” This immersive story-telling horror film is being released for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, sometime in the year 2016.

ABE VR is definitely a experience that should be added to your VR to-do list when it is finally released. Soon hopefully. On an end note, you should expect to see more of Hammerhead VR team’s handiwork, as VR becomes widely adopted and as people seek more immersive forms of experiencing films and media. If you have a project in mind or want to view their full portfolio, you can visit their website.

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