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Hands-Free Autonomous Driving

Autonomous cars have become popular recently. Something that used to be considered fiction and left to the imagination is now reality. Of course the appeal of autonomous vehicles is hands-free driving. With Googles famous car operated by Google Chauffer has proven that soon humans will not need to be in control of the vehicles. Of course other businesses have tooken an vested interest in the making of these magical vehicles. Tesla seeing the opportunity to replace human-driven cabs with self-driving cars. Car manufacturers implanting vehicles with lane assistance, will soon be implanting vehicles with full-driving assistance. This can even evolve public transportation systems to replace human drivers with driving software.

Though all of this sounds amazing, and possibly the next logical step to human safety and better road regulations. We as confident organic species still have a phobia of a world dominated by programs, devices, and machinery. We have the compelling need to be in control, especially when it comes to driving. We have the driver, the side-seat driver, and the back-seat driver that all want some sense of control of the vehicle. People pushing for the autonomous vehicle age have to go through government regulations, gain the trust of people, and find ways to fund research/development for creating this magic. As well as securing vehicles from unscrupulous hackers. With all of these obstacles, it will be no surprise if it takes a decade for humans to fully trust these vehicles on the roads.

With the great pursuit to reduce human error with coding(reducing amount of lives taken by reckless drivers) and creating a less stressful environment by taking one less thing off the mind while on the road. This technology has gained snowball traction. I mean, seriously, it would be amazing not stressing out how to get home after having one too many drinks. Or safely texting while on the road. Even make-out with your love without worrying about crashing into a tree. The possibilities are endless once this technology is perfected and made for the general public. This is of course another layer that will be added to the future. I am very excited to witness the integration of autonomous vehicle.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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