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@HCSafetyVR develops SurviVR for training People in #VR for Unexpected Hostile Shooter Situations


When we think about how virtual reality can improve the way we educate ourselves, we envision being able to re-live the Jurassic era or professors having full control in how they educate their students. But what about teaching the average citizen in how to handle unexpected dangerous scenarios, such as a shooter on a rampage?

This is exactly why Human Condition Safety(HCS) has entered the virtual reality realm. Lead by CEO Peter E. Raymond, HCS sole objective is to create the necessary technology and training to minimize injuries and deaths in various industries. Since the panic scare at the LAX and JFK airport, as well as increasing amount death-related incidents by gunfire, they have put forth their effort in increasing safety among the average citizen, with SurviVR.

SurviVR is an active shooter preparedness simulation, which aims to re-adjust our natural fight or flight responses. When people are confronted with lethal individuals, if not trained otherwise, most people split-second decision will be to freeze to show harmlessness if there is no obvious escape route, which can put them in a more volatile situation.

What SurviVR aims to do is place people in an next-to-real-life simulation that triggers heightened emotional responses and re-train their automatic impulse by creating new neural pathways in the brain with the safest response in hostile shooter situations. This very training, will save more lives from violent hostile shooter situation.

HCSafety has not provided an definite answer In regards to which VR platform it will be on. You can keep-up-to-date about the developments of SurviVR, by following them via Twitter @HCSafetyVR.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on SurviVR with a comment below:)

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