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HELM Systems Develops Creative Fantasy Role-Playing Game Virtual Reality Game ‘The Soulkeeper VR’

There is much content to be explored for virtual reality. There some horror games, 360 degree videos, social platforms, sandbox environments and on the list go. As the VR marketplace continues to grow and mainstream audiences find their own use for this immersive interfaces, the type of content available for virtual reality will undoubtedly expand seven folds.

Helm Systems is part of the businesses entering the VR marketplace, adding virtual reality fantasy gameplay to the mix. It is no doubt, that RPG games like Bloodbourne, The Witcher or Elder Scrolls, is dear to some of us gamers who look forward to becoming magical creatures or skilled swordsman through virtual reality.

Thanks to Helm Systems, The Soulkeeper VR is a fantasy VR RPG game we should add to our VR to-do list. This is a VR spin-off from their open-world episodic flat-game, The Soulkeeper. Part of the inspiration in making this game, is to mimic the way TV episodes are released, providing more depth about characters and the impact of their choices. Some of these characters come from the Nordic race, monastic brotherhood and other historical cultures.

Founder and President of HELM Systems, Myron Mortakis stated, “Every episode will feel like a whole game, because each will feature different regions… we want people to be able to roam the universe. With each episode, you unlock new regions, and each one will have a whole bunch of locations. By locations, I mean anything from a simple dungeon to a huge city.”

They expect this game to not be your traditional style open world RPG, incorporating innovative game mechanics and inventive story progression. OnlySP has a great article with Myron Mortakis and Micheal Poropat (Press Release) giving their insight about the influence and direction of the game.

The Soulkeeper VR was developed for the room-scale VR system HTC Vive, and powered by Unreal Engine 4. As you enter The Soulkeeper’s universe, you inhabit the body of a warrior or avatar of your liking. Following the same gameplay as their flat-game, you’ll have to solve puzzles and fight unholy creatures, but with both of your hands. One hand with a staff and the other with a sword.

In order to caste fireballs, you’ll have to wave your arms around and create rune-like symbols in the air with you staff. As for piercing enemy body armor, you’ll have to utilize the space in your room and be quick on your feet. This game is one the first of it’s kind, bringing another style of experience to the VR platform.

You can subscribe to Soulkeeper’s newsletter to learn more about the game or visit HELM Systems website to see the staff behind the scene. As mainstream adapts VR for their own purposes, it will be important and necessary for role-playing-games like these to satisfy the human curiosity of being someone or something else.

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