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Hidden Path Entertainment hits the Virtual Reality Marketplace with Defense Grid: Enhanced VR Edition

Hidden Path Entertainment is a highly experienced game studio with over 70 years in combined experiences. They have had the pleasure of developing games for Xbox Live, Microsoft Game Studios, Ensemble Studios and Virtual World Entertainment. The studio is headed by Jeff Pobst (Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer), Mark Terrano (Co-founder/Chief Creative Officer), Micheal Austin (Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer), James Garbarini (Co-founder/Chief Operations and Financial Officer).

Most of the games that are born from the studio is strategy based. Their flagship game, Defense Grid: The Awakening, is a tower-defense strategy game, which was considered “One of the best tower defense games in now one of the best XLBA games,” by IGN.com. They’ve also produced Defense Grid: You Monster, Defense Grid: Containment, Age of Empires, as well as a major role in the development of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Valve.

Since the scheduled release of virtual reality headsets, such as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, they’ve went ahead and enhanced their latest title, Defense Grid 2(DVG2), for virtual reality gameplay. Just like it’s predecessors, it is a strategy-based game. But unlike it’s predecessors, you can lean in and get right up in the nitty-gritty of the chaos caused by your towers. DVG2: Enhanced VR edition utilizes intuitive controls designed for the immersive interfaces, bringing a new-found level of interactive gameplay to DVG2.

The main objective of the game is to prevent extra-terrestrial beings(a.k.a. aliens) from stealing all of your defenses cores. Defense Grid 2 features over 26 missions that can take nearly 14 hours to complete. That is not including the different difficulties to try and over 60 achievements to accomplish. You can compare your game stats with other online players through Global and Friends leaderboards, bringing the competitive nature to the game. You’ll also have an arsenal towers and upgrades to take on the aliens.

One unique feature in the VR enhanced DVG2 is it “integrates a hidden object mini-game that encourages you to fully explore,” and immerse yourself in their carefully crafted vibrant levels. Jeff Pobst was very enthusiastic about the production for the game stating, “it’s probably not a new Rift owner’s first thought to go out and buy a tower defense game, but Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition proved to me how compelling a tower defense game can be in VR.”

HPE is definitely and has been making the right investment in the games they decide to produce. With their latest game, DVG2: Enhanced VR Edition, they have proven their years of experience in game development continues to pay off. As VR headsets continue to be adopted as a new way to experience media, it will be important for development studios to sharpen and refine their skills in engaging VR experiences. Hidden Path Entertainment is already ahead of the curve when it comes to that.

Go ahead and learn more about HPE on their website or connect with them through their online social networks. You can also check out the interview with Jeff Pobst on RoadtoVR.

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