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@HVSGames is Upping the Ante On VR First Person Shooter Games with @DamagedCore

It is great to see development studios taken up the task of creating entertaining and captivating VR content. Who’d blame them? With the amount of space to develop in exponential increased and an unparalleled way to immerse people in the very environments they create, it would be a fools errand to not develop for the VR platform.

This brings me to High Voltage Studio. Since 1993, the studio has built a portfolio of over 90 developed games for emerging entertainment platforms, including Mortal Kombat X, Zoombies, Saints Row IV: Gat at of Hell and The Conduit. Now they are developing for the next-level of media interfaces: Virtual Reality.

The first VR game to come from High Voltage was ‘Dragon Front.’ If you like the idea of collecting cards and seeing them come alive in battle, this is a game to check out. Built for the Oculus Rift, your objective is to protect your kingdom by building a formidable deck, which could include knights, airplanes, war machines or fire breathing dragons. The battle takes place on a 4×4 grid, where you watch your cards in action.

Though, if you wants something a little more action packed, which involves you and an arsenal of weapons, then ‘Damaged Core’ is the game. Damaged Core is High Voltage second VR game to be released on the Oculus Store. The game takes place in an dystopian future, where an A.I. known as ‘Core’ is taking over robots to extinct mankind.

The gameplay of ‘Damaged Core’ is something to admire, as it takes what is perceived as weakpoints in VR gameplay and turns it into a necessary element. If you’ve played any first-person-VR game that requires you to move, you usually teleport as a means of movement, which can feel limiting. With Damaged Core, as an A.I. or software, you must ‘teleport’ or hack into different robots or mechanical devices in order to stay alive and take out the malicious A.I., Core.

Overall, with highly detailed environments, interesting storyline and well thought game mechanics, Damaged Core, as well as, Dragon Front is worth your VR to-do list. Currently it is available for Oculus Rift owners. You can stay up to date with High Voltage current developments via Twitter @HVSGames.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on High Voltage VR endeavors with with a comment below:)

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